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Agents Arrest Two Sex Offenders Over Weekend

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two men with history of sexual offenses in the United States in two separate incidents on Friday.

Rigoberto Lopez-Martinez

Agents assigned to the Ajo Border Patrol Station patrolling west of the town of Ajo encountered Rigoberto Lopez-Martinez, 26, from Mexico, after he made an illegal entry into the country through the desert earlier that day. After his arrest, records ran on Lopez indicated he had been previously removed from the country stemming from a 2012 arrest and conviction in Idaho, for rape.

Jose Luis Flores-Valles

In a separate event, agents assigned to the Three Points Substation arrested Jose Luis Flores-Valles, 34, also from Mexico, northwest of Sasabe for illegal entry into the country. Record checks after his arrest revealed he was order removed from the country in 2007 stemming from a conviction of sexual crimes with a minor in Colorado earlier that same year, and was subsequently registered as a sexual offender in the state.

Both men will remain in custody for immigration violations as per Tucson Sector Guidelines, and processed for felony prosecution for re-entry after deportation.

  • Last Modified: February 3, 2021