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Help File

The following are the standards used to develop the electronic forms and will assist you in filling out the forms online.

  • Navigation/Buttons: Buttons will be placed on the bottom of the pages. Instructions will be accessed by clicking a button rather than as mandatory pages. "Additional pages" button where applicable.
  • Printing: Always use the print button at the bottom of the form. Do not use browser printer command.
  • Date: Format of MM/DD/YYYY, both format and value will be validated. There will be a display only help prompt, “MM/DD/YYYY,” to assist users to get it correct the first time.
  • Mandatory Field(s): Name is a mandatory field. Display only, help prompt will identify mandatory fields.
  • Zip code: Will be unformatted alpha-numeric, because of other countries using both letters and numbers and will use all physical space available.
  • Phone Numbers: Will be unformatted alpha-numeric, because of other countries using both letters and numbers and will use physical space available. There will be a display only help prompt, "country code if applicable."
  • Drop-down list(s): Used on some fields (ex: states). Lengthy lists are not used as they would impact speed at which form/server can respond.
  • Picket-fence Field(s): Replaced with single fields occupying the same physical space as the original field on the form, formatted dashes, slashes etc. will only remain on form as necessary.
  • Validation(s): Fields with validations on them (ex: month = 1-12) will use the field name in the error message, making it easier for the user to find and correct.
  • Field(s): Space for 1-2 extra characters are used to allow for proper display in different web browsers.
  • Calculations: Most forms will have no calculations.
  • Signature – will be non-visible, non-print, non-tabbing.
  • Additional Pages: A separate browser window will open up to allow for more input where original form requests additional pages.
  • Multiple Lines: If not filled to capacity on each line, multiple line fields may scroll. Data entered in over-flow (scrolling) area will not be printed or saved. There will be a red, display only warning prompt at the top of first page of form, "Any data typed after screen scrolls will not print."
  • Copy for Multi-page/Carbon Page Forms: Data entered on page one that is repeated on following pages will be “copied” so user does not have to re-key multiple times.
  • Last Modified: June 7, 2016