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Air and Marine Operations Celebrate 10th Anniversary

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Every year, some of the best photographs of Super Bowl security show one of CBP’s aircraft flying over the stadium and surrounding areas, and this year was no different. Air and Marine Operations (AMO) provide critical air support for these kinds of high-profile events.

CBP Blackhawk flies over Golden Gate Bridge
CBP Blackhawk flies over Golden Gate
Bridge in support of SuperBowl 50


But unbeknownst to many of the millions of people who caught the big game that day, AMO’s day-to-day operations involve patrolling our seas and skies, defending our nation’s borders against all manner of threats, intercepting contraband, catching smugglers, and even assisting in rescue and recovery operations.

That’s why I want to congratulate AMO on its Tenth Anniversary. Created in January 2006, AMO has evolved into an elite force that applies advanced aeronautical and marine capabilities to preserve and strengthen U.S. security interests. This merging of CBP’s air and marine assets into one collective organization paved the way for AMO to make a significant impact in defending our nation’s borders.

In Fiscal Year 2015 alone, AMO recorded 4,485 arrests, 51,130 apprehensions and the seizure or disruption of 719,549 pounds of marijuana, 230,579 pounds of cocaine, and 1,427 weapons.

AMO has made tremendous strides in its first decade. The next decade holds just as much promise: for example, AMO will share real-time, actionable information by linking a vast network of sensors and sensor-equipped aircraft and vessels through a thoroughly modernized Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC).

This year, AMO will take delivery of its first, next generation Coastal Interceptor Vessel. This vessel features superior performance, reliability, and advance capabilities including data communication with the AMOC, airborne assets, and each other. By 2025, AMO expects to have developed and integrated one of the world’s most advanced domain awareness and information networks. This will enable real-time, critical decision making by commanders in the field. 

Thanks to this superior technology and training, there is no other organization in the world like AMO. I could not be prouder of CBP’s 1,800 AMO employees – 1,200 of whom are frontline agents.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

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April 7, 2021