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CBP increases recruitment incentive for Border Patrol agents

Release Date
Fri, 01/19/2024

WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is increasing its recruitment incentives to as much as $30,000 for newly appointed U.S. Border Patrol agent applicants who enter duty on or after Jan. 8, and meet the requirements for the incentives.

“Getting into law enforcement can be difficult. Often, candidates must be willing to move to a new location,” said Jason Owens, Chief, U.S. Border Patrol. “The mission of the U.S. Border Patrol is one of national security. It plays a vital role in keeping our communities and our country safe. It is both exciting and rewarding work, offering the ability to work outdoors and with specialty groups like Horse Patrol, the K-9 Unit, and much more.”

Applicants who accept a remote location such as Sierra Blanca, Texas; Presidio, Texas; Sanderson, Texas; Comstock, Texas; Lordsburg, New Mexico; Freer, Texas; Hebbronville, Texas; and Ajo, Arizona may qualify for an additional incentive. Candidates must complete the terms of their service agreement to receive the recruitment incentives.

“The ability to safeguard our borders and keep Americans safe is our top priority at CBP and to do that successfully we must attract qualified candidates to fill critical positions,” said Assistant Commissioner Andrea Bright, CBP Human Resources Management. “To address ongoing recruiting challenges and remain competitive with other law enforcement organizations, CBP is now offering a $20,000 recruitment incentive for all newly appointed Border Patrol agents who successfully complete the academy and three years of service. Another $10,000 will be paid if the agent accepts a remote location.”

Border Patrol agents enforce immigration laws and detect, interdict, and apprehend those who attempt to illegally enter or smuggle people or contraband across U.S. borders between the official ports of entry. Typical assignments include patrolling international land borders and coastal waters, and responding to aircraft sightings and other anti-smuggling activities.

Visit the CBP Careers website to apply for a position, learn more about the Border Patrol agent position, find a recruiting event, or contact a recruiter.

Last Modified: May 17, 2024