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Technical Amendment to List of Field Offices: Expansion of San Ysidro, California Port of Entry to Include the Cross Border Xpress User Fee Facility

This document amends the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations by revising the list of field offices to expand the limits of the San Ysidro, California Class A port of entry to include the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) user fee facility. Class A ports of entry are designated ports that process all aliens applying for admission into the United States. The CBX facility includes a pedestrian walkway connecting the Tijuana A.L. Rodriguez International Airport (Tijuana Airport) in Mexico to San Diego, California and a passenger terminal located in San Diego that will be used exclusively to process Tijuana Airport passengers traveling to and from the United States via the pedestrian walkway.

Thursday, December 3, 2015
80 FR 75631
Last modified: 
December 3, 2015