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  2. What “food” is covered by the BTA?

What “food” is covered by the BTA?

Food is defined in the BTA Interim Final Regulations as:

  • Articles used for food or drink for man or animals,
  • Chewing gum, and
  • Articles used for components or any such article.

Food imported or offered for import into the United States for human or animal consumption is covered by the Act. Also covered are:

  • Food stored or distributed in the United States,
  • Gifts not homemade and not accompanying a traveler, trade, and quality assurance/control samples,
  • Transshipments through United States to another country (T&E),
  • Food imported for future export,
  • Food admitted into a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).

There are certain exemptions from the BTA reporting requirements, as outlined in questions 14 and 15.

  • Last Modified: August 30, 2016