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TBT-04-024-01 AGOA III Changes



The Trade and Development Act of 2000, which was signed into law on May 18, 2000, authorized a new trade and investment policy for sub-Saharan Africa.  Section 112 of the Act outlines the treatment of certain textiles and apparel articles for AGOA.  Apparel articles that are imported directly into the CBP territory of the United States from a designated beneficiary sub-Saharan African country shall enter free of duty and free of any quantitative limitations (excluding any tariff preference levels identified in the act) if the country has satisfied the requirements set forth in section 113.

The Trade Act of 2002, which was signed into law by President Bush on August 6, 2002, authorized amendments to the AGOA.  Presidential Proclamation 7626, which was signed November 13, 2002 and published in the November 18, 2002 Federal Register (67 FR 69459) set forth those amendments. 

The AGOA Acceleration Act of 2004, which was signed into law by President Bush on July 13, 2004, authorized amendments to the AGOA.  Presidential Proclamation 7808, which was signed on September 7, 2004 and published in the September 9, 2004 Federal Register (69 FR 54739) sets forth those amendments.  This administrative notice details these amendments set forth in Sections 7 of the Act, which is referred to as AGOA III in the trade community.  Please take note to changes within the preference groupings and special rules.  All other information in TBT-01-008 and TBT-02-038 remain in effect.

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June 3, 2019