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ACE Secure Data Portal PGA Account Application

Document Posting Date: 
August 26, 2020

Note to Trade Users:

This page is for U.S. Government Employees that belong to a Partner Government Agency (PGA) to sign up for ACE Portal Access. If you are a member of the public and need access to the ACE Portal as a Trade user, please visit our Trade user application page.

To apply for a new ACE Portal Account for a Partner Government Agency (PGA) user, please fill out and sign all forms (copies can be found on the right hand side of this page or linked below), which include:

  1. ACE PGA User Application Form for ACE Portal Access
  2. CBP Form 7300-Information System Security Administration Non-CBP User Certification - this must be completed by the agency security officer and sent in a password protected file, as the completed form contains sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  3. DHS Non-Disclosure Agreement - All blocks must be initialed
  4. DHS 4300 A Rules of Behavior for Partner Government Agency Users

Submitting Forms for a New Application Package
Email the completed, initialed, and signed forms to the PGA ACE ACCESS inbox at with subject line “Requesting ACE Portal Account.”

Packages that do not have all four forms filled out will be returned to the sender for completion, which will delay the approval and provisioning process.  

Account Activation
Once assigned an ACE Portal account, users must login at least once every 45 days in order to maintain access.  If no login has occurred after 45 days, the account will be de-activated.  To reactivate the account, the PGA Point of Contact (POC) or PGA users' supervisor must submit a request, accompanied by the ACE PGA User Application Form for ACE Portal Access, to the PGA ACE ACCESS inbox at or

To restore ACE Portal Account access outside of normal business hours, please email a copy of the PGA User Application Form for ACE Portal Access to ACE SUPPORT  PGA users may also contact CBP Technology Service Desk at 1-866-530-4172.

Account Changes or Updates
If changes to an ACE portal account are required, the user must submit an updated ACE PGA User Application Form for ACE Portal Access to the PGA ACE ACCESS inbox at with the subject line “Requesting ACE Portal Access Account Change.”  Please indicate on the form the change(s) requested (e.g., name change, role change, reactivation, deactivation, etc.)

Password Reset
Password resets do not require an ACE PGA User Application Form for ACE Portal Access or an agency POC request.  ACE Portal users can reset their password directly by accessing the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link on the ACE Portal login screen or by calling the CBP Technology Support Center at 1-866-530-4172

Please direct questions to your Agency POC or the PGA National Systems Control Officer (PGA SCO) by emailing at

Last modified: 
June 2, 2021