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San Diego, California - 2501

Port Type: 
Port of Entry
Port Code: 
Location Address: 
3835 N. Harbor Drive
Terminal 2 West
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 491-2600
(619) 685-4397
Office Hours: 
Currently open!
Currently closed
9:00 am-5:00 pm PST
9:00 am-5:00 pm PST
9:00 am-5:00 pm PST
9:00 am-5:00 pm PST
9:00 am-5:00 pm PST
Directions to Port Office: 

San Diego

Travel to the San Diego International Airport, Terminal 2.  CBP operates in the glass building at the far end of Terminal 2 and reads “International Arrivals.” 

*** CBP does not validate parking. Curbside parking is prohibited and regulated by the airport authority.

Facilities and Crossings: 

Port of San Diego Airport/Seaport Operations

San Diego International Airport/Seaport Operations
Terminal 2 West
3835 N. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 491-2600 
Fax: (619) 491-2624
Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. (Pacific), Seven Days Week

After Hours Contact Information
Duty Supervisor at (619) 550-9079
Operations Office Location: Travel to the San Diego International Airport, Terminal 2.  CBP operates in the glass building at the far end of Terminal 2 and reads “International Arrivals.” 


San Diego Trade & Broker Support:
3835 N. Harbor Drive
Terminal 2 West
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 491-2680 
Fax: (619) 685-4397 
Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Pacific), Monday - Friday

Trade Office Location:  Inside Terminal 2, the office is located on the West end of the baggage carousels, next door to the Global Entry office.

Firearms Registration & Vehicle Importation: It is recommended to make an  appointment at least two (2) days prior to arrival.  If weapons verification is needed, the weapon must have no live ammunition in the weapon or on the person before they enter the airport.  Weapons handling is prohibited at all times while in the parking lot, terminal or building. 


McClellan-Palomar (User Fee) Airport
2198 Palomar Airport Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92011 
Phone: (760) 431-4629 
Fax: (760) 431-4644 
Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. (Pacific), Seven Days Week

Palomar Airport Arrival Notifications: (619) 491-2600 or 2601

Private Vessel Arrivals

Pursuant to 19 CFR 4.2, operators of small pleasure vessels, arriving in the United States from a foreign port or place to include any vessel which has visited a hovering vessel or received merchandise outside the territorial sea, are required to report their arrival to CBP immediately (see 19 U.S.C. 1433).

The master of the vessel reports their arrival at the nearest Customs facility or such other place as the Secretary may prescribe by regulations. These reports are tracked in the Pleasure Boat Reporting System. Pursuant to 8 CFR 235.1, an application to lawfully enter the United States must be made in person to a CBP officer at a U.S. port-of-entry when the port is open for inspection.

CBP Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile (ROAM)

The CBP ROAM app is a free mobile application that provides an option for pleasure boaters to report their U.S. entry to CBP via their personal smart device or a tablet located at local businesses to satisfy the above reporting requirements. In limited areas, travelers arriving in remote locations may also be eligible to use the CBP ROAM app. Contact your local POE to confirm arrival notifications via the CBP ROAM app are accepted. 

The CBP ROAM app also qualifies as an Alternative Inspection System that satisfies the boat operator's legal requirement to report for face-to-face inspection in accordance with 8 CFR 235.1 with some exceptions:Travelers who require an I-94;

  • Travelers who wish to obtain a cruising license;
  • Travelers who must pay duties on imported goods; and
  • Other circumstances as applicable.

To use the CBP ROAM app, travelers input their biographic, conveyance, and trip details and submit their trip for CBP Officer (CBPO) review. The CBPO may initiate a video chat to further interview travelers. Once the CBPO reviews the trip, travelers will receive a push notification and an email with their admissibility decision and next steps, if applicable. Travelers using the CBP ROAM app may use the app to apply to become Verified Travelers (which includes existing LBO, SVRS, and I-68 numbers) and receive expedited processing on future arrivals.

Getting Started

Travelers should download the CBP ROAM app on their web-enabled smart device. Note that a free account is required to use the CBP ROAM app. After opening the CBP ROAM app, tap “Sign In".

  • Travelers who do not have a account should “Create an account” and follow the instructions
  • Travelers who already have a account should sign into their existing account, and will be redirected back
    to the CBP ROAM app

After signing in to the CBP ROAM app, users can create and save traveler and conveyance profiles. These profiles can be reused for repeat entry into the United States.

How do I report if I do not have the ROAM app?

Arrivals may be made at any of the locations listed below. Prior to, or upon arrival, you must immediately notify Customs and Border Protection by calling (619) 491-2600.

Information needed when I call?

All Vessel masters must phone in their arrival and have the following information available:        

  • Name, date of birth and citizenship of all persons on board (including passport number)
  • Name of the boat and/or boat registration number
  • CBP user fee decal number (if 30 feet or longer)
  • Homeport and current location
  • Return contact number


Reporting Locations:

Shelter Island Harbor Police Dock (HPD):

(Vessels up to 235 Feet)
1401 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106 
Hours of Operation: 24 hours, Seven Days Week  

Vessels over 130 Feet
Contact the Harbor Police Communications Center at (619) 686-6272 eight hours prior to arrival and request dock space for a vessel over 130 feet. There may be occasions when the Harbor Police will direct the vessel to anchor to await space accommodations at the Harbor Police Dock. Dock length is 235-feet and Masters should be aware the water depth adjacent to this dock is 14-feet at MLLW. There are no vertical height restrictions. Note: Upon arrival at the Shelter Island Harbor Police Dock, immediately contact CBP by utilizing the reporting kiosk located at the top of the dock brow.

Vessels under 130 Feet
Vessels under 130 feet may report directly to the Shelter Island Harbor Police Dock. There are no requirements for vessels under 130 feet to contact the Harbor Police prior to arrival. This requirement is only for vessels over 130 feet in length.

Dana Launch Ramp Public Dock:
(Vessels with less than a 42- foot vertical clearance and up to 50 feet in length)
1800 Dana Landing Road
San Diego CA. 92109
Hours of Operation: 24 Hours, Seven Days Week

Vessels with less than a 42 - foot vertical clearance and up to 50 feet in length 

Note: Only for use by vessels with less than a 42- foot vertical clearance and up to 50 feet in length.

Boaters choosing to arrive at the Dana Launch Ramp Public Dock must be able to pass under the Ventura Bridge, which has a 42-foot vertical clearance at Mean Low Tide, 0.0 feet and must be less than 50 feet in length. A fuel dock, market and pay phone are located near the dock. Vessels unable to clear the bridge must report to the Harbor Police Dock, 1401 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106.


Fifth Avenue Landing:
(Vessels 125 to 300 feet)
600 Convention Way
San Diego CA. 92101
Hours of Operation: 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

Vessels between 125 to 300 feet
Note: Only for use by recreational vessels between 125 feet and 300 feet. Arrangements for mooring at the Fifth Avenue Landing must be made by contacting (619) 857-4000 prior to arrival. ***This is not a government phone number and CBP must still be contacted for entrance/clearance.