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  4. Butte Airport, MT, Montana - 3305

Butte Airport, MT, Montana - 3305

Port Type
Port of Entry
List of Brokers for port 3305
Port Code

Location Address

101 Airport Road
Butte, MT 59702
United States

Mailing Address

2540 Airport Road
Helena, MT 59601
United States

Phone Contact:
+1 406-449-5506
Fax Number:
+1 406-449-2057
Port Director:
None Specified

Directions to Port Office

Interstate 15/90

Take Harrrison Avenue exit. Go south on Harrison Avenue to the Bert Mooney Airport.


Special Instructions

Pilots wishing to arrive outside normal hours must make PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS. This airport is generally not available on weekends or federal holidays.

Contact Information

Butte Airport is not staffed; calls will be answered by the Helena CBP Office. Leave a voicemail with your return telephone number and someone will respond to your call as soon as possible.

Reporting Requirements

Pilots must give a minimum 2 hours advance notice of their intended arrival. Voicemail and faxes are NOT acceptable means of delivering such notice.

  • Last Modified: April 18, 2019