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Office of Trade Contact Directory

For questions regarding importing, exporting or the status of your shipment, please contact the local service port. To locate your local service port - air, land, or sea, visit the Locate a Port of Entry website. The ports are listed by each state and provide the contact information. For questions on how to import merchandise into the United States, visit the Basic Importing and Exporting section. Also, you may take advantage of CBP's Questions and Answers database to research your questions.

Mission Support

Financial Management Division
VacantDivision Director202-325-6243
Unnati Kachin ShahBranch Chief, Budget Formation202-325-0414
Margret TudorBranch Chief, Budget Execution202-325-0392
Human Resources and Training Division
Kevin SkinnerDivision Director202-325-6809
Angel SellersBranch Chief, Training202-325-6022
Helene StewartBranch Chief, Sharpening Trade Expertise202-325-6461
Michelle WoodleyBranch Chief, Human Resources202-325-6236
Facilities & Asset Management Division
Ardis JamesDivision Director202-325-6023
Shayla BriscoeBranch Chief, Asset Management 1202-325-6026
Anna PinedaBranch Chief, Asset Management 2305-597-3122


VACANT Executive Director 
Integrated Operations & Incident Management Division
Jeff NiiDivision Director202-325-6011
Brian HoxieBranch Chief, Integrated Operations202-325-6676
Chris KellyBranch Chief202-841-2508
Planning, Programming, Accountability, and Evaluation Division
VACANTDivision Director 
Charlene JohnsonBranch Chief, Analytic Services202-325-6086
VacantBranch Chief, Planning and Programming202-325-6218
Katrina MarbleyBranch Chief, Accountability and Evaluation202-325-6656

Regulations & Rulings

ContactTitle & OfficePhone Number
Alice KipelExecutive Director202-325-0100
Joanne StumpDeputy Executive Director202-325-0117
Commercial & Trade Facilitation Division
Craig Clark
Division Director
Monika Brenner
Branch Chief, Valuation & Special Programs
Gregory Connor
Branch Chief, Electronics, Machinery, Automotive & International Nomenclature
Gail Kan
Branch Chief, Entry Process & Duty Refund
Allyson Mattanah
Branch Chief, Chemicals, Petroleum, Metals & Misc. Articles
Yuliya Gulis
Branch Chief,  Food, Textiles & Marking
Border Security & Trade Compliance Division
Charles SteuartDivision Director202-325-0020
Lisa BurleyBranch Chief, Cargo Security, Carriers & Restricted Merchandise202-325-0030
Paul PizzeckBranch Chief, Penalties202-325-0082
Alaina van HornBranch Chief, Intellectual Property Rights202-325-0083
Regulations & Disclosure Law Division
Robert AltneuDivision Director202-325-0023
Emily SimonBranch Chief, Trade & Commercial Regulations202-325-0142
Seth RenkemaBranch Chief, Economic Impact Analysis202-325-0056
Lorrie RodbartBranch Chief, Border Security Regulations202-325-0098
Shari SuzukiBranch Chief, FOIA Appeals, Policy & Litigation202-325-0220
National Commodity Specialist Division, New York
Steven MackDivision Director646-733-3001
Ellen BergBranch Chief, Customs Information Exchange646-733-3071
Denise FaingarBranch Chief, Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising646-733-3004
James ForkanBranch Chief, Agricultural, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace  Footwear646-733-3040
Deborah MarinucciBranch Chief, Textiles and Apparel646-733-3070
Mark NackmanBranch Chief, Metals, Machinery, Chemicals, Manufacturing Materials & Petroleum646-733-3050

Regulatory Audit & Agency Advisory Services

ContactTitle & OfficeNumber
Robert McMillanExecutive Director202-325-7973
VACANTDeputy Executive Director 
Audit Performance & Excellence Division
Cheryl JohnsonDivision Director281-985-6783
Kristen WatsonBranch Chief, Audit Policy678-284-5969
Patrick McCrackenBranch Chief, Quality Assurance215-717-1363
Alex KirkBranch Chief, Auditor Technical Training281-985-6781
Operations Division
Michael WalshDivision Director202-325-6447
Bonnie CarsonBranch Chief, Communications202-325-7968
Joshua JandorfBranch Chief, Strategic Planning & Special Projects202-325-7992
Rachel SwobodaBranch Chief, Field Operations & Coordination202-339-7401
Systems & Innovation Division
Troy RileyDivision Director202-325-6548
Debra EbikwoBranch Chief, Systems & Data Quality202-924-0448
VacantBranch Chief, Innovation, Process Improvement & Training 

Field Offices

Atlanta Regulatory Audit Office -  1699 Phoenix Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349     |     Main Number: 678-284-5965
Amy MooreField Director, AtlantaAtlanta, GA
Mark CowleyAssistant Field DirectorAtlanta, GA
Kendra HaleyAssistant Field DirectorNashville, TN
Allen HuffmanAssistant Field DirectorCharlotte, NC
Hans MaximeAssistant Field DirectorAtlanta, GA
Kristy ReuterAssistant Field DirectorCharlotte, NC
Boston Regulatory Audit Office - 10 Causeway Street, Room 895, Boston, MA 02222     |     Main Number: 617-565-6310
Amy GuerrieroField DirectorBoston, MA
Jason LangAssistant Field DirectorBuffalo, NY
Chicago Regulatory Audit Office - 610 South Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60607     |     Main Number: 312-983-9600
Kevin BridgfordField DirectorChicago, IL
Tammy BartelsAssistant Field DirectorChicago, IL
Danielle BickelAssistant Field DirectorChicago, IL
Joel MaddenAssistant Field DirectorChicago, IL
Orest PanchukAssistant Field DirectorChicago, IL
Kristy ThomAssistant Field DirectorChicago, IL
Detroit Regulatory Audit Office - 211 W. Fort Street, Suite 310, Detroit, MI 48226     |     Main Number: 313-226-4520
Steve YoungField DirectorDetroit, MI
Tom BourgeoisAssistant Field DirectorFt. Mitchell, KY
Steve FisherAssistant Field DirectorFt. Mitchell, KY
Glenyss FordAssistant Field DirectorDetroit, MI
Suzette LueckeAssistant Field DirectorDetroit, MI
Houston Regulatory Audit Office - 2350 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E., Suite 1050, Houston TX 77032     |     Main Number: 281-985-6781
Danielle HightowerField DirectorHouston, TX
Sylvia ChaidezAssistant Field DirectorHouston, TX
Doneisha CurentonAssistant Field DirectorHouston, TX
Carlos MartinezAssistant Field DirectorLaredo, TX
Rosa NavarroAssistant Field DirectorEl Paso, TX
Tamica SolomonAssistant Field DirectorHouston, TX
Long Beach Regulatory Audit Office - One World Trade Center, Suite 547, Long Beach, CA 90831     |     Main Number: 562-980-3220
Tom JesukiewiczField DirectorLos Angeles, CA
Marcia AlfaroAssistant Field DirectorLong Beach, CA
Carlene ArchibaldAssistant Field DirectorLong Beach, CA
Linda ChoiAssistant Field DirectorLong Beach, CA
Don WardAssistant Field DirectorLong Beach, CA
Miami Regulatory Audit Office - 11232 NW 20th Street, Suite 302, Miami, FL 33172     |     Main Number: 305-597-3119
Anibal MarreroField DirectorMiami, FL
Gloria E. AriasActing Assistant Field DirectorMiami, FL
Farah HubitAssistant Field DirectorMiami, FL
Lisa NadalAssistant Field DirectorMiami, FL
Patrick ShanksAssistant Field DirectorMiami FL
New York Regulatory Audit Office - 1 World Trade Center, Suite 50.800, New York, NY 10007     |     Main Number: 646-733-3126
James T. MaddenField DirectorNew York, NY
Iris AbadaAssistant Field DirectorNew York, NY
Joan ColbyAssistant Field DirectorNew York, NY
Rachelle LewisAssistant Field DirectorNew York, NY
Vivian LozanoAssistant Field DirectorNew York, NY
Philadelphia Regulatory Audit Office - 200 Chestnut Street, Suite 401, Philadelphia, PA 19106     |     Main Number: 215-717-1378
Rick LawlorField DirectorPhiladelphia, PA
Alan BrosnickAssistant Field DirectorNewark, NJ
Jesse ChandoAssistant Field DirectorPhiladelphia, PA
Brendan ClarkAssistant Field DirectorPhiladelphia, PA
Jayson DaCunhaAssistant Field DirectorNewark, NJ
William J. LynchAssistant Field DirectorNewark, NJ
Wayne ReichertAssistant Field DirectorPhiladelphia, PA
San Francisco Regulatory Audit Office - 555 Battery Street, Suite 313, San Francisco, California 94111     |     Main Number: 415-782-9440
Carrie AzurinField DirectorSan Francisco, CA
Ingrid DjengAssistant Field DirectorSan Francisco, CA
Junichi GondaiAssistant Field DirectorSan Jose, CA
Sinmee LiuAssistant Field DirectorSan Francisco, CA
Amanda MelgaardAssistant Field DirectorSeattle, WA


Trade Policy & Programs

ContactTitle & OfficeNumber
John LeonardExecutive Director202-325-6602
Brandon LordDeputy Executive Director202-325-6432
United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) Center
Queena FanDirector202-738-8946
Adam SulewskiBranch Chief, USMCA Center202-744-8332
Textiles & Trade Agreements Division
Maya KamarDivision Director202-945-7228
Anita HarrisBranch Chief, Textile Policy202-325-6069
Margaret GrayBranch Chief, Trade Agreements202-253-0927
Jacqueline SprungleBranch Chief, Trade & Preference Program Enforcement202-604-2152
Interagency Collaboration Division
Lea-Ann BigelowDivision Director202-325-6089
Jacob CarterBranch Chief, Import Safety CTAC202-815-1720
Julia PetersonBranch Chief, Quota & Agriculture202-325-6601
Julie StoeberBranch Chief, Partner Government Agencies202-325-0797
IPR Division
Laurie DempseyDivision Director202-615-0514
Robert CopyakBranch Chief, IPR Policy202-325-6014
VacantBranch Chief, IPR Operations 
Garrett WrightBranch Chief, E-Commerce and Small Business202-577-2120
Anti-Dumping & Countervailing Duty Division
Alexander AmdurActing Deputy Executive Director202-325-6634
Tracy RoyBranch Chief, Trade Remedies202-325-6238
Sam ZengotitabengoaActing Branch Chief, AD/CVD Enforcement202-860-7642
Kristin WeaverBranch Chief, AD/CVD Policy202-945-7276
Commercial Operations Revenue & Entry (CORE) Division
Randy MitchellDivision Director202-325-6532
Jennelle CrayBranch Chief, Drawback & Revenue202-325-6546
Sharolyn McCannActing Division Director202-384-8935
Melba HubbardBranch Chief, Broker Management202-325-6986


Trade Remedy Law Enforcement Directorate (Formerly Commercial Targeting & Enforcement)

Contact Directory
ContactTitle & OfficePhone Number
Ana HinojosaExecutive Director202-325-6427
Eric ChoyDeputy Executive Director202-325-7952
Civil Enforcement Division
Jerry MalmoDivision Director202-325-6655
Sandra BarbosaBranch Chief, Civil Penalties202-325-0374
Cherie ParsonsActing Branch Chief, Enforcement Policy202-325-6237
Judith WebsterBranch Chief, Strategic Enforcement202-325-6045
Virginia McPhersonBranch Chief, Suspension and Debarment202-325-6563
Enforcement Operations Division
Brian HoxieDivision Director202-325-6676
Andrew RolloBranch Chief, Operations Reporting & Outreach202-325-7389
Kristina HorganBranch Chief, EAPA Investigations 2202-325-6016
Victoria ChoBranch Chief, EAPA Investigations 1703-603-3903
Forced Labor Division
Therese RandazzoDivision Director202-325-3229
Juan EstrellaBranch Chief, Operations202-325-6087
Edward ThurmondBranch Chief, Investigations202-897-9348
National Threat Analysis Division
Robert KossowskyDivision Director202-325-6499
Mahmood HassanAssistant DirectorAssistant Director, NTAC - East646-733-3081
Laura L. WebbAssistant Director, NTAC - West281-685-6740
Gregory BourcyBranch Chief, NTAC - Houston972-550-4842
Raymond IrizarryBranch Chief, NTAC - Miami305-597-3155
Christopher RobertsonBranch Chief, NTAC - Los Angeles562-980-3119 x254
James SchultzBranch Chief, NTAC - Chicago312-983-9666
Evan ConceicaoBranch Chief, NTAC - New York646-733-3005


Trade Transformation Office (Formerly the ACE Business Office)

Contact Directory
Title & Office
Phone Number
James Byram
Executive Director
Kimberly "KC" Milligan
Deputy Executive Director
Gary Schreffler
OFO Liaison
Business Transformation & Innovation Division
Vincent Annunziato
Division Director
Tiffany Francis
Acting Branch Chief, Requirements and Planning
Marie Williams
Branch Chief, Innovation
Communications, Training & Deployment Division
Kim Marsho
Division Director
Lilly Baez
Branch Chief, Training
Patricia Holliday
Branch Chief, Readiness and Deployment
William C. Baldwin
Acting Branch Chief, Communications
Client Services Division
Tonya Perez
Division Director
William "Jack" Jackson
Branch Chief, OneNet
Angelina Leyte
Branch Chief, Post Summary Processing
Michael Cooney
Branch Chief, Cargo Release & PGA
Jennifer Engelbach
Branch Chief, Entry Summary & PSC
Steven Zaccaro
Branch Chief, AES & FTZ
John Handy
Branch Chief, Ocean & Rail Manifests
Stephanie McKinney
Branch Chief, Air & Truck Manifests
Cargo Control and Release Product Division
Mary Baker
Division Director
Lynn Solano
Branch Chief, Cargo Control and Release / ITDS
Zule Baker
Branch Chief, Exports & Multi-Model Manifest
Entry Summary, Accounts and Revenue Product Division
Monica Crockett
Division Director
Branch Chief, Account Management
Daniel Collier
Branch Chief, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse
Celestine Harrell
Branch Chief, Revenue Modernization
Branch Chief, Post Release
Portfolio Acquisition Executive
Kimberly "KC" Milligan
Division Director
David Morrell
Program Manager, ACE
John Everett
Program Manager, ATAP
Jared Anable
Branch Chief, OT Procurement