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Office of Trade Contact Directory

For questions regarding importing, exporting or the status of your shipment, please contact the local service port. To locate your local service port - air, land, or sea, visit the Locate a Port of Entry website. The ports are listed by each state and provide the contact information. For questions on how to import merchandise into the United States, visit the Basic Importing and Exporting section. Also, you may take advantage of CBP's Questions and Answers database to research your questions.

Mission Support

Contact Directory
Financial Management Division
Trish RufDivision Director202-325-6243
Unnati Kachin Shah, Budget FormationBranch Chief202-325-0414
Margret Tudor, Budget ExecutionBranch Chief202-325-0392
Human Resources and Training Division
Kevin SkinnerDivision Director202-325-6809
Angel Sellers, TrainingBranch Chief202-325-6022
Helene Stewart, Sharpening Trade ExpertiseBranch Chief202-325-6461
Michelle Woodley, Human ResourcesBranch Chief202-325-6236
Facilities & Asset Management Division  
Ardis JamesDivision Director202-325-6023
Shayla Briscoe, Asset Management 1Branch Chief202-325-6026



Contact Directory
Steve DykmanActing Executive Director202-325-0365
Integrated Operations & Incident Management Division  
Jeff NiiDivision Director202-325-6011
Brian Hoxie, Integrated OperationsBranch Chief202-325-6676


Regulations & Rulings

Contact Directory
ContactTitlePhone Number
Alice KipelExecutive Director202-325-0100
Joanne StumpDeputy Executive Director202-325-0117
Commercial & Trade Facilitation Division
Myles HarmonDivision Director202-325-0276
Monika Brenner, Valuation & Special ProgramsBranch Chief202-325-0038
Gregory Connor, Electronics, Machinery, Automotive & International NomenclatureBranch Chief202-325-0025
Gail Kan,  Entry Process & Duty RefundBranch Chief202-325-0346
Allyson Mattanah, Chemicals, Petroleum, Metals & Misc. ArticlesBranch Chief202-325-0029
Ieva O'Rourke, Food, Textiles & MarkingBranch Chief202-325-0298
Border Security & Trade Compliance Division
Craig ClarkDivision Director202-325-0212
Lisa Burley, Cargo Security, Carriers & Restricted Merchandise Branch Chief202-325-0030
George McCray, PenaltiesBranch Chief202-325-0050
Charles Steuart, Intellectual Property RightsBranch Chief


Regulations & Disclosure Law Division
Harold SingerDivision Director202-325-0101
Robert Altneu, Trade & Commercial RegulationsBranch Chief202-325-0023
Seth Renkema, Economic Impact AnalysisBranch Chief202-325-0056
Lorrie Rodbart, Border Security RegulationsBranch Chief202-325-0098
Shari Suzuki, FOIA Appeals, Policy & LitigationBranch Chief202-325-0220
National Commodity Specialist Division, New York
Steven MackDivision Director646-733-3001
Ellen Berg, Customs Information Exchange Branch Chief646-733-3071
Denise Faingar, Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising Branch Chief646-733-3004
James Forkan, Agricultural, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace  FootwearBranch Chief646-733-3040
Deborah Marinucci, Textiles and ApparelBranch Chief646-733-3070
Mark Nackman, Metals, Machinery, Chemicals, Manufacturing Materials & PetroleumBranch Chief646-733-3050


Regulatory Audit & Agency Advisory Services

Contact Directory
Robert McMillanExecutive Director202-325-7960
Kevin BridgfordActing Deputy Executive Director312-983-9615
Audit Performance & Excellence Division
Johanna EstesDivision Director202-325-7969
Cheryl Johnson, Audit PolicyBranch Chief281-985-6783
Operations Division  
Michael WalshDivision Director202-325-6447
Bonnie Carson, CommunicationsBranch Chief202-325-7968
Joshua Jandorf, Strategic Planning & Special ProjectsBranch Chief202-325-7992
Rachel Swoboda, Field Operations & CoordinationBranch Chief202-325-7966
Systems & Innovation Division
Anil ChaudhryDivision Director202-325-4314
Debbie Boaz, Systems & Data QualityBranch Chief202-306-8434
Anh Do, Innovation, Process Improvement & TrainingBranch Chief646-733-3144
Audit Field Offices
Amy Moore, AtlantaField Director678-284-5965
Anibal Marrero, BostonActing Field Director305-597-3119
Tammy Bartels, ChicagoActing Field Director312-983-9627
Steve Young, DetroitField Director313-226-4520
Danielle Hightower, HoustonField Director281-985-6781
Tom Jesukiewicz, Long BeachField Director562-980-3220
Anibal Marerro, MiamiField Director305-597-3119
James Madden, New YorkField Director646-733-3126
Rodrick Lawlor, PhiladephiaField Director215-717-1378
Carrie Azurin, San FranciscoField Director415-782-9462


Trade Policy & Programs

Contact Directory
John LeonardExecutive Director202-325-6602
Brandon LordDeputy Executive Director202-325-6432
Textiles & Trade Agreements Division
Anita Harris, Textile PolicyBranch Chief202-325-6069
Lee Licata, Trade AgreementsBranch Chief202-325-6541
Interagency Collaboration Division
Lea-Ann BigelowDivision Director202-325-6089
Melba Hubbard, Quota and AgricultureBranch Chief202-325-6986
Christopher Robertson, Import Safety CTACBranch Chief202-325-6586
William Scopa, Partner Government AgenciesBranch Chief202-325-6554
IPR Division  
Jacob Carter, IPR OperationsBranch Chief202-325-6528
Robert Copyak, IPR PolicyBranch Chief202-325-6014
Amber Kamenicky, E-Commerce and Small BusinessBranch Chief202-325-6509
AD/CVD Division  
Alexander AmdurDivision Director202-325-6634
Shaun Keller, AD/CVD PolicyBranch Chief202-325-6596
Christal Oliphant, AD/CVD EnforcementBranch Chief202-325-6517
Tracy Roy, Trade RemediesBranch Chief202-325-6238
Commercial Operations Revenue & Entry (CORE) Division
Randy MitchellDivision Director202-325-6523
Jennelle Cray, Drawback & RevenueBranch Chief202-325-6546
Sharolyn McCann, Trade ProcessesBranch Chief202-325-6937
Julia Peterson, Broker ManagementBranch Chief202-325-6601


Trade Remedy Law Enforcement Directorate (Formerly Commercial Targeting & Enforcement)

Contact Directory
ContactTitlePhone Number
Deborah AugustinExecutive Director202-325-6427
Stephen HilsenDeputy Executive Director202-325-6063
Civil Enforcement Division
Jerry MalmoDivision Director202-325-6655
Virginia McPherson, Civil PenaltiesBranch Chief202-325-6563
Natalie Ragland, Enforcement PolicyBranch Chief202-325-6237
Judith Webster, Strategic EnforcementBranch Chief202-325-6045
Enforcement Operations Division
Carrie OwensActing Division Director202-325-6081
Christopher Bowman, Operations Reporting & OutreachBranch Chief202-325-6448
Marissa Hill, Evasion NTAGBranch Chief202-325-6556
Forced Labor Division
Thomas J. KendrickDivision Director202-325-6057
Janelle Gordon, Forced LaborActing Branch Chief202-325-6087
National Threat Analysis Division
Robert KossowskyDivision Director202-325-6499
Gregory Bourcy, NTAC - DallasBranch Chief972-550-4842
Mahmood Hassan, NTAC - EastBranch Chief646-733-3081
Raymond Irizarry, NTAC - MiamiBranch Chief305-597-3155
Robin Rangel, NTAC - Los AngelesBranch Chief562-980-3119 x254
Laura Webb, NTAC - WestBranch Chief281-685-6740
Trade Analytics & Innovation Division
Mark ZinerDivision Director202-325-6106
Charlene Johnson, Analytic ServicesBranch Chief202-325-6086
Kevin McCann, Predictive AnalyticsBranch Chief202-325-6078


Trade & Transformation Office (Formerly the ACE Business Office)

Contact Directory
ContactTitlePhone Number
James ByramActing Executive Director571-468-5383
Business Transformation & Innovation Division
Vincent AnnunziatoDivision Director571-468-5036
Chris Mabelitini, Requirements and PlanningBranch Chief571-468-5095
Communications, Training, & Deployment Division
Kim MarshoDivision Director571-468-5495
Keith Josephson, TrainingBranch Chief571-468-5108
Jon Veley, Readiness and DeploymentBranch Chief571-468-5097
Client Services Division
Laurie DempseyDivision Director571-468-5113
Michael Cooney, Branch 3Branch Chief206-370-3716
Jennifer Engelbach, Branch 4Branch Chief562-256-8791
Donna Gordon, Branch 7Branch Chief571-468-5103
John Handy, Branch 6Branch Chief571-468-5417
William Jackson, Branch 1Branch Chief571-468-5110
Angeline Leyte, Branch 2Branch Chief619-671-8037
Steve Zaccarro, Branch 5Branch Chief571-468-5578
Division A
William DelanskyDivision Director571-468-5349
Deborah Carriero, Cargo Control and Release/ITDSBranch Chief571-468-5061
Division B
Monica CrockettDivision Director571-468-5375
Daniel Collier, Business Intelligence & Data WarehouseBranch Chief571-468-5566
John Everett, Post ReleaseBranch Chief571-468-5399
Celestine Harrell, Revenue ModernizationBranch Chief571-468-5367
Tonya Perez, Account ManagementBranch Chief571-468-5358
Portfolio Acquisition Division
KC MilliganDivision Director571-468-5279
David Morrell, ACE Program ManagerProgram Manager571-468-5262
Jared Anable, OT ProcurementBranch Chief202-325-0406