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Information Technology Specialist

Job Category: Information Technology Management 
Job Series: 2210
     (Alternative A OPM Classification & Qualifications) – GS-5 though GS-15; IT-related education or experience is needed.
     (Alternative B OPM Classification & Qualifications) – GS-5/7 levels only; IT-related education or experience is not needed.

Types / Parentheticals

  • Information Technology Specialist (Information Security/INFOSEC)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Customer Support/CUSTSPT)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Network Services/NETWORK)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Policy Planning/PLCYPLN)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Enterprise Architecture/ENTRACH)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Systems Analyst/SYSANALYSIS)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Applications Software/APPSW)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Operating Systems/OS)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Data Management/DATAMGT)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Internet/INET)
  • Information Technology Specialist (Systems Administration/SYSADMIN)
  • Lead Information Technology Specialist 
  • Supervisory Information Technology Specialist


This job series covers positions responsible for providing support, guidance, and expertise in various Information Technology (IT) functions. Specialty areas include IT Policy Planning, Information Security, Customer Support, Network Services, Enterprise Architecture, Systems Analyst, Applications Software, Operating Systems, Data Management, Internet and Systems Administration. Work performed by the IT specialist varies and is dependent on the job field of each IT specialist.

Duties at CBP

Work within this job series requires an Information Technology (IT) Specialist to perform a variety of duties that involve knowledge of a wide variety of IT application, systems, and methods; ability to apply methods and practices for troubleshooting IT system issues to include issues such as network, database, customer inquiries, and knowledge of IT system security regulations, policies and procedures. Typical work assignments vary based on parenthetical/job fields listed above but duties may include:

  • Providing advice and guidance on a wide range and variety of IT issues;
  • Planning, analyzing, developing, implementing, maintaining and enhancing information systems security programs, policies, procedures and tools;
  • Assisting in the installation and integration of system patches, repairs, updates, and enhancements to ensure the delivery of IT services; and
  • Installing, configuring, integrating, troubleshooting, optimizing and maintaining customer hardware and software to maximize system availability and monitors network performance.


  • Various
  • DC metro area

Application Process

View the Professional Staff Application Process page for more details.

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