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Criminal Investigator

Job Series: 1811 (OPM Classification & Qualifications)

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Types / Parentheticals

  • Criminal Investigator
  • Supervisory Criminal Investigator


This series covers positions, which supervise; lead; or perform work involving planning, conducting, or managing investigations related to alleged or suspected criminal violations of federal laws. The work involves conducting investigations and providing advice and assistance both in and out of court to the U.S. Attorney’s Office during investigations and prosecutions.

Duties at CBP

This position is responsible for the coordination and completion of criminal, civil, and administrative investigations involving alleged misconduct, criminal activity, and/or corruption by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees and related entities. Investigations often have interregional, national, and international dimensions. The cases investigated are highly complex, difficult, and sensitive in nature; and are sometimes highly controversial and have important economic, financial, enforcement, and investigative implications. Typical work assignments may include:

  • Employing all of the agency's authorities and capabilities in support of criminal, corruption, misconduct,
  • counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence investigations/programs directly affecting national security and agency integrity;
  • Conducting criminal investigations involving CBP employees and/or associated individuals outside of the service, who are suspected of various violations, including extortion; collusion; conspiracy; forgery; bribery; accepting gratuities or unauthorized fees; perjury; or other violations that affect the administration of Customs and Immigration laws by CBP personnel;
  • Investigating individuals; businesses; employees; and criminal organizations that represent a significant threat to United States national security through the corruption, or attempted corruption, of CBP personnel and programs, including foreign intelligence organizations and terrorist groups seeking to compromise CBP personnel;
  • Serving as a subject matter expert on integrity issues at intra- and interagency conferences and meetings;  representing CBP in the law enforcement and intelligence community regarding counterintelligence matters in meetings and conferences; serving as the case agent for interagency investigations; representing Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) on interagency anti-corruption and anti-terrorism task forces; and leading teams of other Special Agents and law enforcement officers in specific investigations/operations;
  • Developing facts and evidence; gathering information and intelligence; conducting interviews and interrogations; making arrests; conducting searches and seizures; conducting criminal investigation polygraph examinations; and preparing and executing search and arrest warrants, or other judicial processes (e.g., document subpoenas, electronic surveillance orders, etc.);
  • Serving as an undercover agent, undercover program manager, or case agent in authorized undercover operations involving the criminal investigation of CBP employees and/or the penetration of organizations seeking to circumvent border security through employee corruption; and coordinating jurisdictional and resource issues with other federal, state, local law and international enforcement agencies; and
  • Providing briefings (both verbal and written) to CBP executives regarding counterintelligence issues (e.g. threats, investigations, mitigation activity, etc.).


  • Various

Application Process

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February 16, 2021