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Border Patrol Processing Coordinator



This job series covers positions responsible for technical and clerical duties requiring the application of specialized knowledge of procedures, techniques, regulations and office automation systems. The work serves to ensure adherence to provisions of CBP laws and regulations and requires extensive but less than full specialist or officer training and capability.

Duties at CBP

  • Receiving and processing custody of detainees, maintaining security and well-being of detainees outside of a secure complex; inventorying, tagging and storing detainees’ personal property for tracking.
  • Transporting detainees to court proceedings and medical facilities; which may require operating a mega shuttle bus.
  • Communicating in Spanish language; maintaining contact with other sectors, stations, agencies and foreign consulates and making arrangements for removal procedures, travel and escorts.
  • Logging the status of welfare checks and visual inspections of cells and occupants into the appropriate system.
  • Drafting and maintaining administrative paperwork such as reports related to property, transportation and deportation documentation.


  • Various

Physical Demands

The work is a hazardous weapon carrying position requiring the ability for balance, bending, reaching above the shoulder, standing, walking, running, sitting, kneeling, stooping, pushing, pulling/dragging, climbing, crawling, and jumping. The ability to lift and carry without assistance can include individuals weighing over 90 lbs. Fine motor control and manual dexterity involves the use of dominate, less dominate, and both sets of fingers and hands. The ability to drive a transport vehicle is required. The position requires the need for near, distance, color, and peripheral vision and depth perception. The ability to hear in low volumes, over background noise, to localize sound, and to detect pitch and loudness is required. Employees must be able to escalate quickly from performing sedentary work to moving quickly to respond to an emergency. Incumbents must be prepared to protect self or others from physical attacks at any time and without warning; to use batons, oleoresin capsicum “OC” spray, and firearms in accordance with the CBP Use of Force Policy. The position requires personnel to be able to deal calmly and effectively with high stress, dangerous, or emergency situations. The ability for split second decision making and vigilance is required. Personnel must be prepared to immediately respond to situations involving individuals who may be uncooperative, hostile, combative, or dangerous.

Work Environment

The work is conducted under various environmental conditions such as, temperatures above 90 degrees and below 32 degrees; exposure to sun, rain, sleet, and snow; potential exposure to allergens, hazardous materials, vapors, and chemicals; in different lighting conditions to include daylight to night time. The ability to detect odors, differences in temperature, and texture is required. The work setting can include areas with uneven, moving, or slippery surfaces. The environment can involve exposure to communicable disease, illness, or infection and bodily fluids. The work locations range from processing and medical facilities, to field locations when transporting aliens. Field locations can involve exposure to harmful plants, animals, or allergens. The ability to hear over background noise and to locate sound in a loud environment is required. Operations require the need to be able to communicate with radios. The position involves exposure to potentially dangerous and stressful situations such as, involvement in physical altercations involving the potential use of deadly force. Under certain circumstances, personnel will need to take appropriate safety precautions and wear personal protective equipment or clothing such as, duty belts and vests, gloves, masks, gowns, safety glasses, goggles, hearing protection, and NIOSH-approved respirators (N95 or higher), consistent with OSHA regulations and established Agency policies and procedures. 

Special Requirements

  • Incumbents are required to carry a firearm, must qualify with, and maintain proficiency in the use of the firearm as well as less-lethal use of force devices, to protect and defend self or others.
  • This position has physical requirements.
  • This position is a designated drug testing position.
  • Incumbents must possess a valid state driver’s license.
  • This position may also require overtime, shift work, and travel.
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September 17, 2021