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Physical Analyst

Job Series: 1301 (OPM Classification & Qualifications)


Types / Parentheticals

  • Physical Scientist
  • Physical Scientist (CBRN) Chemical Biological Radiological Nurse
  • Supervisory Physical Scientist



This series includes positions that involve professional work in the physical sciences and in a combination of physical science fields, with no one predominant.


Duties at CBP

The primary duties of this position involve being responsible for management of the development, production, and/or fielding phases of assigned new and complex CBP-wide project(s). Physical Analysts serve as an interface between CBP users and vendors/manufacturers, ensuring that systems delivered and installed meet the technical and logistic support specifications, satisfy user requirements, and meet the cost and schedule goals established in the program plan.

Typical work assignments may include:

  • Evaluating, reviewing, and analyzing complex high technology projects related to the enforcement mission of CBP, with special emphasis on non-intrusive detection and identification technology and CBP-unique requirements;
  • Representing the branch at interagency work groups on matters dealing with large, unique, complex, and advanced technology inspection, surveillance, and investigative systems and equipment;
  • Serving as the Project leader or Subject Matter Expert (SME) and generally as the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) for specific large and complex, multi-year projects, as well as other specialized and unique technical projects;
  • Working on the entire complex of actions involved in developing, procuring, fielding, supporting, and maintaining new non-intrusive detection technology, aircraft, and other equipment systems designed to affect the ability of Customs to efficiently and effectively accomplish its mission. This may include developing and obtaining user and upper-level management acceptance of the development and acquisition strategy; preparing the technical and logistics support specification requirements and other technical documents required for solicitation packages; evaluating technical proposals, preparing reports, assisting in negotiations, and monitoring the contractor’s performance;
  • Performing analytical and evaluative work related to the development of schedules; preparation of Project Plans, Budgets, and other execution phase documentation and activities for assigned projects; planning, coordinating, and evaluating logistical actions required to support a specified project by identifying specific requirements for money, manpower, material, facilities, and services;
  • Evaluating new concepts and newly-developed advanced technologies; developing innovative methods of introducing state-of-the art technology into the Customs inspection and investigative programs; and
  • Coordinating, analyzing, researching, and providing technical support for the continued development, acquisition, logistics, and fielding of high tech large and/or complex inspection, surveillance and investigative systems and equipment during the research, development, test and evaluation (RDT and E) Acquisition or Support phase.



  • Various


Application Process

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August 8, 2018