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Audio Visual Production Specialist

Job Series: 1071 (OPM Classification & Qualifications)


Types / Parentheticals

  • Imaging and Audio Specialist
  • Imaging Audio Specialist
  • Supervisory Audio Visual Production Specialist
  • Lead Audio Visual Production Specialist



This series includes positions that involve supervising or performing work in the production of videotaped and live television programs; live and pre-recorded radio broadcasts; motion picture films; broadcast-type closed circuit teleconferences; and other similar productions, such as slide shows with sound accompaniments.  


Duties at CBP

This is a multi-faceted position that requires the Audio Visual Production Specialist to serve as a producer, director, editor, gaffer, scriptwriter, and production assistant in support of agency informational programming. The position is responsible for overseeing all facets of agency programming, including management and operation of a broadcast facility during live and taped presentations over the agency’s broadcasting systems; and production of programs in the field.

Typical work assignments may include:

  • Conducting the day-to-day operations of a fully functional television broadcast facility;
  • Acting as the facility liaison, coordinating all programming scheduling for training and informal programs; preparing contract specifications for commercial services, such as production and transmission facilities, professional talent, or post-production services; and developing cost estimates for productions and taped programs;
  • Directing broadcast productions to include designing sets and lighting; conceiving visuals; selecting music and sound effects; writing scripts; directing and rehearsing talent; selecting and directing cameras and movement during broadcasts; and editing videotapes;
  • Consulting with clients to discuss the general concept, objective, and target audiences of the programs; developing production schedules, including approving the work of script writers and production of sets; selecting and arranging sites for on-location shooting; determining what work will be done in house; and selecting the production crews;
  • Configuring and operating broadcast television equipment/systems; assisting in the recording and transmission of live and pre-recorded video productions, including capturing video and audio; and providing lighting; and
  • Serving as primary equipment custodian for the division, including maintaining necessary databases for continuous tracking of field equipment; performing operational checks on all field equipment as it is returned; conducting equipment annual inventories; and maintaining media library, including the review of video produced in the field to identify and b-roll media releases and other media asset requirements.



  • Washington, D.C.


Application Process

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August 8, 2018