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Intelligence Research Specialist

Job Series: 0132 (OPM Classification & Qualifications)

Types / Parentheticals

  • Intelligence Operations Specialist
  • Intelligence Research Specialist (NTC)
  • Intelligence Research Specialist FMV
  • Intelligence Research Specialist Watch Officer
  • Intelligence Research Specialist (Cyber Security)
  • Supervisory Intelligence Research Specialist
  • Supervisory Intelligence Analyst
  • Supervisory Intelligence Research Specialist (Deputy Director)
  • Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist
  • Supervisory Intelligence Research Specialist (Division Director)
  • Executive Director, Intelligence and Analysis


This job series covers positions located within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Intelligence Enterprise (IE). Specialty areas include research, analysis, evaluation, coordination, and dissemination of intelligence information; assessment and hypothesis testing regarding known or emerging border security threats; and maintenance and control of classified material and derivative classification requirements that apply to national security.

Duties at CBP

Work within this job series requires an Intelligence Research Specialist to apply a full range of analytical knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide finished intelligence and intelligence products in support of operations to enhance the agency mission. Typical work assignments may include:

  • Execution of all-source intelligence compilation, analysis, production and dissemination;
  • Timely assimilation of disparate data; rendering of knowledgeable and accurate assessments regarding the intelligence implications of such data; and effective presentation;
  • Sourcing reliability and information validating determinations; incorporation of information from multiple sources into intelligence products;
  • Synthesis of information into coherent and meaningful pictures, or visualization of trends and patterns to convey intelligence to the appropriate audience for awareness, status updates or to inform operations;
  • Identifying intelligence gaps, problems or potential difficulties; and
  • Assessment, estimation and forecasting regarding evolving or emerging border security threats; recommendation of appropriate courses of action to counter those threats; and successful execution of intelligence initiatives.


  • Various

Application Process

View the Professional Staff Application Process page for more details

  • Last Modified: September 28, 2022