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Safety & Occupational Health Specialist

Job Category: Safety and Occupational Health Management Series
Job Series: 0018 (OPM Classification & Qualifications)


Types / Parentheticals

  • Safety & Occupational Health Specialist
  • Safety & Occupational Health Manager



This job series covers positions responsible for providing expert technical assistance in the areas of industrial safety, fire protection, safety engineering, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, radiological safety, communicable diseases, hearing conservation, and emergency planning.


Duties at CBP

Work within this job series requires planning, developing, and selection of training materials, methods, and procedures to meet the overall needs for a safety education program for the worker, visitor, specialist, supervisor and personnel involved.  Typical work assignments may include:

  • Investigating and helping resolve safety and occupational health problems which encompasses a wide variety of occupations in commercial type operations and in hazardous environments;
  • Providing management with advice on responding to employee allegations of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions, OSHA investigations of reported hazardous conditions or unsafe work practices, union grievances and unfair labor practices related to occupational safety and health;
  • Conducting field surveys and upon special request, studies work operations and performs technical hazard surveys involving asbestos, noise, radiation, toxic materials, vapors, and dusts, as well as other environmental health hazards; and
  • Investigating and analyzing causes of property damage, personal injury and occupational disease to determine cause and cost.



  • Various
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Washington, DC


Application Process

View the Professional Staff Application Process page for more details.

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August 14, 2018