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As a Border Patrol Agent, you are focused 24/7 on securing our international land border and coastal waters, safeguarding the American people from terrorists and their weapons, drug smuggling and illegal entry of undocumented aliens. Click the quick links on the right to learn more about the Border Patrol career.

Why Agents Love Their Jobs

Picture of BPA Wray

Border Patrol Agent Wray

"I love my job as a Border Patrol Agent with CBP.  It not only offers me the opportunity to protect America's borders, but also offers me the opportunity to pursue my personal passions and interests.  As a person who loves helping people, I have had the opportunity to work in Recruiting, Chaplaincy, and Public Affairs, which are all areas where I get to utilize my skills and fulfill my passions. I always tell people that the Border Patrol is full of opportunities that will suit a variety of interests.  The variety is my favorite aspect of the job."

Picture of BPA Nelson

Border Patrol Agent Nelson

"Besides having the opportunity to serve my country and my community, I love my job as a Border Patrol Agent because of the people I serve with. No one ever stands alone and we can always depend on the support of our fellow agents when times are tough either personally or professionally. I am proud to count myself among the ranks of the awesome men and women of the United States Border Patrol."



CBPeople: The People Behind the Badge

CBP prides itself in hiring a multitude of people with a diverse range of interests and passions. Click the picture to learn more about our driven officers and agents behind the badge.


Border Patrol Agent Katie Griffith, Horse Patrol Unit San Diego, an equine enforcement agent who uses her off-duty hours to assist the physically and mentally challenged using her experience as an Equine therapist.



Border Patrol Agent Raymundo Esparza serves as an Army reservist in addition to his primary job working the Border.



Border Patrol Agent Mission, History, and More

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January 1, 2018