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CBPO Duties

As a CBP officer, you are a valuable member of the Federal Law Enforcement profession. Typical assignments include:

  • Detect and prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States
  • Enforce customs, immigration, and agricultural laws and regulations at U.S. ports of entry and preclearance locations worldwide
  • Prevent the illegal trafficking of people, narcotics, and contraband into the United States

Typical CBP officer activities include:

  • Seizing narcotics and contraband
  • Preventing illegal entry of individuals and prohibited goods

Additional Duties and Responsibilities for CBP Officers
Being a CBP officer opens up many opportunities as your career advances. In your career, you may have the opportunity to do the following:

K-9 Inspection: Dogs are used to detect drugs, weapons, cash, and explosives.
SRT: The Special Response Team (SRT) is the tactical and special response arm of the Office of Field Operations.
A-TCET: : The Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team (A-TCET) is a specialized unit of the Office of Field Operations. Seizes drugs, weapons, currency, and illicit contraband.


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January 25, 2017