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Agriculture Specialist Duties

As a CBP agriculture specialist, you are a valuable member of the border security profession on the frontline at ports of entry. Typical assignments include:

  • Checking conveyances, commodities, and packaging materials for invasive species, contaminants, or diseases that could harm our agriculture and natural resources
  • Inspecting the traveling public to prevent the intentional and unintentional entry of prohibited/restricted agriculture items
  • Detecting and preventing deliberate acts of ag/bio-terrorism by the introduction of biologicals, toxins, and select agents

Typical CBP Agriculture Specialist activities include:

  • Utilizing agriculture canines specifically trained to detect meat and plant materials in the international passenger, cargo, and mail environments
  • Intercepting prohibited items from entering the U.S. food supply
  • Using high tech instruments to detect prohibited agriculture items
  • Plan, conduct, and supervise actions such as treating, disinfecting and decontaminating prohibited commodities, contaminants or agricultural materials

Opportunities for CBP Agriculture Specialists
Being a CBPAS opens up many opportunities as your career advances. In your career, you may have the opportunity to do the following:

Agriculture Canine Team: Train canines to detect hidden prohibited agriculture products
High Tech Instruments: Examine containers, cargo, and vehicles with digital cameras, microscopes, and non-intrusive inspection equipment
Collaboration: Collaborating and liaising with other federal agencies, trade partners, and CBP components to mitigate agricultural risks


Last modified: 
February 22, 2019