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Agriculture Specialist

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As a CBP Agriculture Specialist, you will be trained to safeguard American agriculture while facilitating legitimate trade and travel. Providing a critical role in CBP, agriculture specialists possess specialized skill sets they use to prevent the introduction of harmful exotic plant pests and foreign animal diseases, and potential ag/bio-terrorism into the United States.


[Video] Polygraph Examination

Watch the video for general information on the CBP polygraph examination and see three agents and officers share their experience about the process.


 A Word From Our Agricultural Specialists

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"Working for CBP as an Agriculture Specialist provides the opportunity and satisfaction of making a difference and protecting America’s food (agriculture), fun (wetlands, recreational areas), families (health and jobs) and future (bioterrorism)."

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"Working as a CBP Agriculture Specialist has given me many amazing experiences and opportunities.  In this extremely versatile position, working to protect American agriculture from harmful pests and diseases is exceptionally rewarding."

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"Working for CBP is a great pleasure and a privilege. This agency fosters a rewarding work environment that is comprised of a team of truly committed professionals. On a daily basis, CBP allows me the opportunity to impact the multifaceted mission of securing the nation from threats to the borders, commerce and imported/exported goods into and out of the country. I can’t think of a better organization to work for with limitless opportunities."

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"After many years of working in the private sector, CBP allowed me the opportunity to utilize my degrees in Biology. This was a breath of fresh air."

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"As a CBP Agriculture Specialist, I have been afforded opportunities that have exposed me to air, sea, land, rail, mail, and Headquarters work environments. I love knowing that Agriculture Specialists are an integral aspect of America’s frontline. Additionally, Federal employee benefits and pay are highly competitive and gratifying."

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"Working for CBP and specifically the agriculture safeguarding realm provides me the opportunity to truly make a difference and see it firsthand. There are so many opportunities and the challenges help keep me engaged."

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November 2, 2020