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Air Interdiction Agent (Pilot)

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As an Air Interdiction Agent, you possess exceptional skill sets that qualify you as the nation’s expert in airborne law enforcement. You are dedicated to interdicting unlawful people and cargo approaching U.S. borders, investigating criminal networks, providing domain awareness in the air and maritime environment, and responding to contingencies and national taskings . To learn more about this position, please watch the video or visit the links below.


[Video] Polygraph Examination

Watch the video for general information on the CBP polygraph examination and see three agents and officers share their experience about the process.


Why Agents Love Their Jobs

“When I was in college they always held a fall career fair and ...CBP [was] there with a booth for Air Interdiction Agents.  I remember thinking to myself I would never have the flight time required for a job as cool as that.  But years later when I saw this position open I thought, well, I have the flight time now!”

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"I was hired onto CBP Air and Marine Operations after flying helicopters and airplanes in both the military and civilian sectors. Becoming a Federal Agent and working with other law enforcement agents on the ground and in the air has proven to be a very rewarding career. The job can be challenging but extremely rewarding, the pay and benefits are excellent, and the people that make up Air and Marine Operations are some of the best law enforcement has to offer."

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"CBP has been one of the better experiences of my life. I have been able to apply what I learned from 21 years in the military directly to what I am doing today. I like that my job challenges me every day in different ways, this job gives me mission, challenge and purpose."

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"I chose CBP AMO because it was an agency that strived to incorporate the use of new and innovative aviation technology, promoted safety first, and most of all, was an agency that believed in career opportunities through various developmental and mentorship programs. Throughout my 13 year career with CBP AMO, I have had the opportunity to fly numerous platforms, experience several  different programs, and have been afforded the freedom to hone my skills and subsequently advance my career. Many people want a job that is meaningful, challenging, and rewarding, to wake each day and believe that what you are doing makes a difference.  A career in CBP AMO is just that.  It’s exciting, a career in which you can utilize your flying skills, do something you love, all while being at the forefront in advancing our Nation’s security."

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October 22, 2018