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Aviation Enforcement Agent (AEA)

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As an Aviation Enforcement Agent, you will serve as the primary law enforcement officer on interdiction aircraft.


[Video] Polygraph Examination

Watch the video for general information on the CBP polygraph examination and see three agents and officers share their experience about the process.


Why Agents Love Their Jobs

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"My role in Air and Marine Operations and as a part of the federal law enforcement community allows me to help and protect the people I encounter on a daily basis whether in law enforcement situations, disaster response, or search and rescue operations.”

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“For me, it all comes down to the people I get to work with. The men and women in CBP are professional, dedicated and caring. We have a true sense of comradery in CBP. When I had a family emergency, all of CBP stepped up to help. My family was overwhelmed with the support we received. I'm proud to be a part of this team.”

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“I like to know that I am involved in the fight to keep illicit drugs out of our country and all other aspects that are involved with the illicit drug trade. I don’t think people realize what a devastating effect to our society drugs really have, but I think it’s becoming more and more prevalent. Unfortunately we are not only battling those outside our county that want to bring drugs in but also those already here that are under the impression that there is no harm or little harm in allowing it in our society. The social issues that stem from this are astounding and are not to be ignored. I like to believe that I am doing my part.”

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October 22, 2018