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Applicant Check List And Important Information

Submit the following medical information:

  • Completed current evaluation form(s) (legible in English and addressing each item requested)
  • Copies of medical records related to each issue(s); include current office notes, therapy notes, discharge summaries, written reports for diagnostic tests, as indicated on the attached form(s)
  • Results for each of the items listed under the “DIAGNOSTIC STUDIES/RELATED RECORDS” section of the evaluation form(s)
  • All Disability award letter(s). If an application was submitted for disability, but a decision has not yet been made, submit the complete disability application(s), including copies of supporting documentation. This includes VA and other types of disability.

Important information to speed up your medical review process:

  1. It is recommended you see the specific type of medical provider indicated in each attachment(s).
  2. To obtain your records (including VA medical records), contact the medical records department of the clinics and/or hospitals where you were seen. If you were seen in more than one clinic or hospital, you will need to contact each facility separately. To obtain copies of past military records, visit the National Archives web site at
  3. All costs associated with any follow-up are your responsibility.
  4. X-ray films, CDs, DVDs or thumb drives are not accepted.
  5. CBP cannot request medical information on your behalf.
  6. It is preferred that you provide all information in one response to CBP.
  7. If possible, combine all information into one attachment and submit using only one method (email or mail).
  8. The preferred format for email submission is .pdf.
  9. Include your applicant identification number in the subject line. Please do not include your social security number.
  10. You will receive a confirmation email usually within one week after your information is received. Information is reviewed in date order (first in-first out). You can track the status of your review process on CASS.
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October 19, 2016