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Marine Interdiction Agent - Three-Part Vessel Exam

Prior to appointment to this position, selectees must pass three qualification assessments. The assessments will be conducted after selectees successfully complete a polygraph examination.  All assessments are pass/fail and applicants must pass all three assessments in order to remain in consideration.

The assessments will be conducted at an AMO location to be determined and will take approximately 1 full day.  Selectees will be responsible for all expenses associated with their travel to, and from the selected location, as well any lodging and/or personal expenses incurred.

Written Examination: Applicants must complete and pass a written exam. This test covers the following areas: Rules of the Road, Navigation General, and Deck General.  To prepare for the examination, applicants  should refer to study aides for preparing for the OUPV license.  Candidates should also review and practice chart plotting. Chart plotting tools will be provided.

Vessel Evaluation: Applicants must complete and pass a vessel evaluation. You will be required to demonstrate your vessel handling proficiency on a 30' twin engine vessel. You will be evaluated on your knowledge of equipment safety and nomenclature, Marine VHF, vessel handling and practical demonstration of navigation and docking in various conditions.

Structured Oral Interview: Applicants must complete and pass a structured interview. You must be able to answer scenario based interview questions to demonstrate your possession of core competencies needed for the position.

  • Last Modified: April 15, 2019