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Marine Interdiction Agent - Medical Exam

General Medical Requirements:

Individuals in this position must be medically and physically capable of performing the essential job functions and duties of the position safely and efficiently without aggravating existing health problems or endangering the health and safety of the individual, others, or national security.

After tentative selection, candidates must undergo a pre-employment medical examination and be found medically qualified to perform the position's full range of duties safely and efficiently. Any disease or condition that may potentially interfere with the safe and efficient performance of the job's duties or training may result in medical disqualification. No condition is automatically disqualifying; each determination is made on a case-by-case basis. The medical determination may involve recommendations for additional information and/or testing. If medical information is recommended beyond that provided by the initial medical examination, it is provided at the expense of the candidate.

Specific Medical Requirements:


  • Near vision, corrected or uncorrected, must be sufficient to read Jaeger type 2 at 14 inches.
  • Normal depth perception
  • Normal peripheral vision
  • Ability to distinguish shades of color by color plate tests
  • Refractive surgery/LASIK – minimum of 90 day recovery period following procedure, free from significant untoward side effects of surgery, e.g., glare, contrast sensitivity
  • Uncorrected distant vision must test 20/200 in each eye
  • Corrected distant vision must test 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other


  • Hearing loss must not exceed 30 dB in either ear in the 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz ranges. Applicants must be able to hear the whispered voice at 15 feet with each ear without the use of a hearing aid.
Frequently Asked Questions

After I receive my tentative selection letter, how long will it be before I am scheduled for my re-employment medical examination?

You will be contacted to schedule your pre-employment medical examination shortly after you have received your tentative selection for the position.

Who will contact me to schedule my pre-employment medical examination?

You will be contacted by our contractor, Comprehensive Health Services (CHS), to schedule an appointment for your pre-employment medical examination.  CHS will try to contact you by phone and e-mail.  The first contact by phone will come from an automated message instructing you to contact CHS to schedule an appointment.

The contact information you provide to the Minneapolis Hiring Center will be used by our contractor to reach out to you; therefore, it is important that we have your most current contact information.  If you need to update your phone number(s), mailing address, or e-mail address, please contact the Medical and Fitness Scheduling Unit at (952) 857-2939 or by e-mail at

Where will I take my pre-employment medical examination?

The pre-employment medical examination will be conducted at the nearest available CBP contracted facility according to the mailing address the Minneapolis Hiring Center has on file for you.  Every effort is made to identify a clinic within a reasonable driving distance of your residence.  Please note that travel to and from the facility is at your own expense.

How much time will I have to schedule and complete my pre-employment medical examination?

Your medical examination will need to be completed within ten (10) business days of when you are contacted to schedule your appointment.

Should I bring anything to my pre-employment medical examination?

Once you have a scheduled appointment for your pre-employment medical examination, Comprehensive Health Services (CHS) will send you a confirmation e-mail which will include the name and address of the facility where you will complete your exam, and a copy of the Medical Examination and History Report.  You will need to complete the Medical Examination and History Report before you appointment and bring all of the paperwork with you to your exam.  You will also want to bring a valid, government issues photo ID such as a driver’s license; a copy of any medical records relating to current and/or past medical condition(s); eye glasses or contacts, as your vision will be tested with and without corrective lenses; and, a copy of your vision prescription.

What does the medical exam consist of?

In advance of your scheduled exam, our contractor will send you a detailed medical history form by e-mail which you will be asked to complete and bring with you to your appointment.  The medical examination itself includes a physician exam (with history review); vision testing including visual acuity (uncorrected and corrected vision), color vision, depth perception and peripheral vision; and, a hearing test/audiogram.

How long should I plan to be at the facility for this appointment?

Depending on the facility’s schedule the day of your appointment, you may begin the appointment immediately or it may be several hours.  Please plan accordingly.

What happens if issues arise as a result of my pre-employment medical examination, am I immediately disqualified for the position?

No.  You will be notified by the Minneapolis Hiring Center of any issue(s) that arise as a result of your medical exam and you will be given the opportunity to provide additional medical evidence to clarify the issue.

After I complete my medical examination, how long will it take before I get the results?

After you complete your medical examination, it is forwarded to a Medical Officer for review before being sent to our office and that review process can take between 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer).  Once we receive your exam in our office, it is forwarded to our nurse for review which can also take several weeks.  If additional information is needed, we will send you a letter by e-mail requesting that information.  If no additional information is needed and you clear medically, your status will be updated on the CASS website.

I am currently a CBP employee, do I need to complete a medical examination?

Maybe.  The requirement of a pre-employment medical examination will depend on the position you have applied for and the position you currently hold.

I completed a medical examination for another CBP position, can that be used for my new selection?

There are times when a medical examination can be used from a prior selection and reviewed for a new selection whether it be for the same position or a different position.  Whether or not you have a previous medical examination that can be used is determined at the time you are tentatively selected for the position.

I received a letter requesting additional medical information. Why am I getting this letter?

There was a medical issue or condition noted on your medical examination that requires additional information from you and/or your medical provider.  Our office needs this additional information so we can determine if you are medically qualified for the position.

The letter I received by e-mail is password protected. What password do I use to open it?

You can open the attachment using your Applicant Identification Number.  Your Applicant Identification Number was sent to you by e-mail after you received your tentative selection for the position.

I was told at my pre-employment medical examination that everything was okay. Why am I being asked to provide additional information?

The facility where you attended your appointment only performs the pre-employment medical examination; they do not make determinations as to whether or not you meet our standards.  The Agency Medical Officer makes that determination.

What do I need to do with the letter I received requesting additional medical information?

You will need to see your medical provider for an examination on each medical issue(s).  Your medical provider will need to provide a written response giving details about your medical history and your current status.

How do I know what medical issues require additional information?

The medical issue(s) that require additional information and specific information regarding what is being requested is outlined in our letter.  You may have more than one medical issue that requires additional information.  Please be sure to carefully read the packet in its entirety so that you provide all of the necessary information to our office.

If I passed the PFT-1, why do you need additional medical information?

The medical and fitness are two separate parts of the hiring process.  It is common for someone to pass a fitness test and still need to provide additional information for their medical process

What type of medical provider can I see?

Generally, your family provider can see you and complete the requested written response.  However, some issues require a special type of medical provider.  The document(s) attached to your letter will be addressed to the specific medical provider our office recommends you see.  For example, if your document states, “Dear Licensed Mental Health Provider” or “Dear Cardiologist” you will need to see a licensed mental health provider or a cardiologist.  If your document states “Dear Provider” your family provider can complete the requested examination and written response.

What information do I need to get from my medical provider?

Your provider needs to complete a detailed written response to the documents attached to your letter.  Make sure that you bring all documents in this packet to your appointment so your medical provider can address all points.  Also, additional information such as blood tests, x-rays, or other medical testing may be requested.

Do I have to provide copies of all of my medical records?

You need to provide our office with copies of all medical records related to the issue(s) noted in your letter.  You should also provide copies of these records to the medical provider completing your evaluation.

How do I get my medical records?

You will want to contact the medical records department of each medical facility where you have been seen.  To obtain a copy of your military medical records, please contact the National Archives Veteran Service Records.

Do you need my Veteran disability information?

Yes, if you receive Veteran disability compensation, provide copies of all VA disability award documentation, including the Reason for Decision section.

How do I obtain copies of my VA Disability Rating along with the Reason for Decision section?

You can contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office.

Why do I need to provide additional information for a mental health issue that occurred in the past?

Our Agency’s Medical Officer recommends a current mental health evaluation for all candidates with a history of counseling, therapy, treatment, or mental health diagnosis.

Can I send my response back by e-mail, mail or fax? How will I know if it was received?

Yes, you can provide the requested information by e-mail to or fax to (952) 674-4423.  We ask that you please choose one method of returning the information as receiving duplicate copies can slow down the review process.  Once the information has been received and checked-in to our system, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt.  If you provide the requested information by e-mail, we will respond directly to your email with confirmation of receipt.  If you provide the information by fax, we will send you a separate e-mail confirming receipt.  In most cases, we will send a confirmation email within 48 hours of when we received the information.

Can I get an extension to provide the requested medical information?

Yes, if you are not able to provide the requested information by the due date indicated in your letter, you can contact our office for an extension.  Extensions are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Will CBP pay for the additional medical information being requested?

The Agency is responsible for paying for the initial pre-employment medical examination; however, if any additional information is recommended, it is provided at the candidate’s expense.

I’m not able to find a provider that performs the specific color vision testing that is being requested. Does CBP have any suggestions as to where I can find these color vision tests?

Often times these tests can be hard to find.  We usually recommend candidates try contacting any major universities in their area or try the internet to find optometrists or ophthalmologists that provide these types of color vision tests.  Additionally, the Minneapolis Hiring Center is aware of some locations throughout the U.S. where candidates have notified us that they were able to find the requested color vision tests.  Please contact the Minneapolis Hiring Center’s Medical Review Unit by phone at 952-857-2919 or by e-mail at for a list of possible locations in your area.

Am I able to have corrective eye surgery to meet the vision standards for the position?

Whether vision correction surgery is or is not an option for you is something you would need to discuss with your eye doctor, but we do accept it as a way to correct your vision.

Is there a mandatory waiting period after having corrective eye surgery?

There is a 90 day follow-up period with corrective eye surgery.

I provided the requested medical information, how long will it take to be reviewed?

The review process can take between 6-8 weeks (sometimes longer).

Did you receive everything that is needed to clear me?

We will not know if the information you provide is sufficient until it has been reviewed by our Medical Officer.

I’ve been calling regarding the status of medical review, but I haven’t received a call back. When will I receive a return call?

Our goal is to answer all calls live; however, in the event you must leave a voicemail, it will be returned within 24 hours.

Should I keep a copy of any medical information that I provide to the Minneapolis Hiring Center?

Yes, it is recommended that you maintain a copy of all documents submitted our office.  Also, you should take a copy of the medical documents with you to the training academy, if they pertain to physical performance issues (for example, orthopedic, chiropractic, cardiology, asthma).

How will I be notified once a medical determination has been made?

You’re able to monitor your medical status on the Applicant Care Portal:  If the Minneapolis Hiring Center determines that you do not meet the medical standards for the position, you will be sent a letter by email notifying you of the decision.

I have cleared medically, what happens next?

For questions regarding the next steps in your hiring process, please contact our Front Line Staffing Unit.

How long are my medical results good for?

A medical determination is good for two years from the decision date.

If I do not meet the medical standards for the position after I provide the requesting medical information, do I have waiver rights?

Yes.  If you are found medically ineligible for the position for which you have applied, you will be given the opportunity to request a waiver of the medical standards.  The opportunity to request a waiver of a required medical standard is based on Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations§ 339 which governs the Medical Review Program.  These regulations require an agency to waive a medical standard when a candidate demonstrates, through comparable work experience, that he or she can safely perform the essential duties of the position in spite of the medical condition.  The Waiver Review Board (WRB), consisting of subject matter experts, is the body that reviews each waiver request and determines whether to waive the medical standard for the specific candidate.  The WRB reviews non-medical documentation submitted by the candidate in support of the candidate's ability to perform the essential duties of the position. The WRB's decision is unrelated to the candidate's ability to meet the medical requirements of the position.

I submitted a waiver request, what happens next?

Once your waiver request has been received it will be forwarded to the Waiver Board for review.  Medical standard waiver requests are considered by a separate board outside of our office and the process can take several weeks.  We monitor the case status and will complete our processing as soon as we receive official notification from the board.

How can I get a copy of my medical examination?

Copies of the medical examination must be requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  FOIA contact information can be obtained by e-mailing the Minneapolis Hiring Center at

Contact Information for the Medical Review Unit

Who do I contact if I have questions concerning the scheduling of my pre-employment medical examination?

Any questions concerning the scheduling of your pre-employment medical examination can be directed to the Medical and Fitness Scheduling Unit at (952) 857-2939 or

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the medical review process?

Any questions regarding the medical review process can be directed to the Medical Review Unit at (952) 857-2919 or

I have completed my medical exam, who do I contact if I have questions regarding the medical review process?

Any questions regarding the medical review process can be directed to the Medical Review Unit at (952) 857-2919 or

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