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The E-QIP, one of the many steps in CBP’s hiring process, is the federal government's digital portal used to gather information to conduct background investigations. To support your hiring process journey, this video explains what the E-QIP is, tips and recommendations for completing it, and what to expect after you press submit.

In addition to the below information an e-QIP Instruction Guide is also available.


    Common Mistakes to avoid when completing the e-QIPCommon mistakes to avoid when completing the e-QIP


     Guidance on completing e-QIP formsGuidance on completing required forms 


Direction on how to log into the e-QIP system      Directions on how to log into the e-QIP system


e-QIP Final Review Checklist      e-QIP Final Review Checklist


Frequently asked questions

     Frequently asked questions



Common Mistakes to avoid when completing the e-QIP  Common Mistakes to avoid when completing the e-QIP                                                                                            


  • We suggest you print the PDF version and fill in the requested information now so that when you receive the request to complete the online e-QIP, you will have the information available to fill in the online form.  By having accurate information ready for completing the online form you can fast track the start of your background investigation process and continue moving forward in the hiring process. 

  • DO NOT list relatives as verifiers or references unless the SF-86 specifically asks for relative information.
  • Residence and employment coverage must be continuous with no gaps larger than one month.
  • A typed response of “I don’t know” is NOT acceptable. A detailed explanation of why you cannot obtain information is required.
  • Section 12 - Where You Went to School.  Enter your high school/GED diploma information plus any post-high school education. Enter a verifier for any education if requested.
  • Section 13 - Employment Activities.  List each period of employment and unemployment separately.  DO NOT list your education as an employment activity. Do not list your supervisor as the employer; list the company or agency name. If you are a current Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employee, list CBP as your employer, do not list Department of Homeland Security.
  • Section 14 - Selective Service Record.  Your Social Security Number is not your Selective Service number.  Retrieve your Selective Service number from the Selective Service System website.
  • Section 16 - People Who Know You Well.  List names, contact information, and complete addresses of three people who knew you during the past 7 years.  The entire 7-year period must be covered. DO NOT list current or former spouse or any other relative. Do not list your relatives anywhere except in section 18.  In addition, DO NOT list any person that you have or will list elsewhere on this document.
  • Section 17 - Marital Status. List as much information as possible about your spouse, former spouse, or cohabitant (someone you have a spouse like relationship with), even if you have no contact with them.  This includes names, contact information, and documentation numbers.  Do not list family members as cohabitants. You must list SSN of your cohabitant. Remember to list your spouse’s maiden name if applicable.
  • Section 18 - Relatives.  An entry must be made for each family member. List as much information as possible about each relative separately.  This includes if you have no contact with them, if they were born in the US or born abroad, or are living or deceased." This includes names, contact information, and document numbers.  If you are unable to provide the information, you must provide the written reason why. Do not list your relatives anywhere else on this form.
  • Dates -  Ensure all dates are follow any prescribed format (example: mm/dd/yyyy).

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Guidance on completed forms

     Guidance on completing                                                                                                                                        


  1. Residency Requirement. Check appropriate box, complete applicable line items, and sign and date the form.
  2. Provisional Clear Election Form. If you wish to enter on duty in a provisional clearance status, prior to receiving a full clearance from the Office of Internal Affairs, please elect yes and complete this form.  If you prefer to wait and enter on duty after you have a full clearance, elect no.

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Directions on how to log into the e-QIP system


 Directions on how to log into the e-QIP system                                                                                                        


First Time Logging In

  1. Enable Web Browser & TLS 1.0.
  2. Log on to http://www.opm.gov/investigations/e-qip-application/. Click on “Register for Username and Password” box.
  3. Enter your social security number and click “submit”.    Do not use the “Request Number” option.                         
  4. Single click on the following box: “Allow me to see my Golden Answers as I type them.”
  5. Enter answers to the Golden Questions as shown: [Case sensitive]

What is your LAST name?Enter your last name

In what CITY where you born?Enter the word Unknown

In what four-digit YEAR were you born? Enter your actual Four-digit year of birth

  1. Enter the Registration code that was provided to you for initial access to e-QIP. 
  2. After successful login, you will be asked to create and confirm a Username and Password.  Remember your Username and Password for future use.
  3. Enter challenge questions and answers to help retrieve a forgotten password and click “submit”. Remember your username, password and answers to challenge questions for future use.

What to do if you forgot your password

Select the “forgot password” link below the username and password entry form and follow the prompts accordingly.

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e-QIP Checklist

    e-QIP Final Review Checklist                                                                                                                                                                                        


It is recommended that you go through the following checklist before submitting your e-QIP to ensure the completeness of your submission. An incomplete submission could cause significant delays in processing your background investigation. 

checkbox  Ensure that there are no validation errors.

checkbox  Certify your answers are True.

checkbox  Make sure to answer "yes" when asked if you have a document associated with the request. Attach Financial Disclosure Report, Residency and Provisional Clear Election Forms to your e-QIP.

checkbox  Release e-QIP to Agency. You will not be able to access e-QIP or upload or fax forms after this point.  Once you complete and release the e-QIP, the assistant will contact you if additional information or corrections are required. 

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Frequently asked questions

         Frequently asked questions                                                                                                                                     

 To see the answer to one of the questions listed below, click the arrow next to that question.


Why can't I access my e-QIP?

Why can't I get through Section 13?

How do I find out if I am registered for Selective Service?

What if I don't have the required information for my relatives as required in Section 18?

How do I sign my forms electronically?

How do I attach my forms to e-QIP?

 What if I release my e-QIP without attaching forms?

What if I cannot get a hold of my case manager?

What if I need more time to complete the required paperwork?

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  • Last Modified: September 26, 2022