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Customs and Border Protection Officer Uniformed Bargaining Unit Employees Grooming Standards

All uniformed officers and non-uniformed employees of CBP are expected to present a neat, clean and professional image consistent with the high regard in which the agency and its employees are held. Uniforms and civilian attire will be clean, well maintained, and employees will adhere to the personal hygiene standards expected by the public and their coworkers.


  • Male: Hair will be neat, trimmed and properly groomed. Hair will not cover more than the top half of the ear, nor extend beyond the bottom of the shirt collar. Hair will not be worn in extreme or faddish styles. Hair will not interfere with the proper wearing of CBP headgear. Hair ornaments are prohibited.
  • Female: Hair shall be neat, natural in color and conservatively styled. Hair shall be arranged so that it does not extend below the shoulder. Hair will not interfere with the proper wearing of CBP headgear. Conservative hair ornaments are permitted.

Facial Hair

  • Facial hair will be no longer than 1 inch in length unless a PAS waiver is granted for medical, religious or cultural reasons. Facial hair will be trimmed and well groomed. Facial hair will not be worn in any extreme or unconventional styles. Absent the existence of facial hair, the employee must present a clean shaven face; this requirement shall not be misconstrued to prevent an employee an opportunity to grow facial hair, or groom, shape and maintain facial hair. Ungroomed beard stubble is not considered neat, clean and professional.


  • Male: Fingernails shall not extend beyond the fingertips. False fingernails and polish are prohibited.
  • Female: Fingernails shall not extend more than ¼ inch beyond the fingertips. Fingernails must be well manicured and clean at all times.


  • (Female Only) Only cosmetics which are conservative in color and amount shall be permitted.


  • Rings: Officers shall wear no more than two rings. Rings must not be likely to catch on other objects and shall be no larger than standard university or college rings. Engagement and wedding rings count as one ring.
  • Necklaces: Necklaces must be concealed (not visible) while wearing the uniform.
  • Earrings: Male: Prohibited. Female: May wear plain, stud-type earrings no more than ¼-inch in diameter. Wearing of more than two pairs is prohibited.
  • Bracelets: Prohibited except for medical alert bracelets.
  • Watches: May wear one conservatively styled watch. Watchband will be gold, silver, black, or dark blue in color. Bracelet-style watches are prohibited.


  • Will be conservative in style and color. Neon, mirrored or brightly colored frames are not authorized. Straps may be worn if they are black in color.

Body Piercing

  • May not be visible.


  • Must be concealed if obscene, racially motivated, or gang-related.

Body Alterations

  • Intentional alterations are prohibited.
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May 1, 2019