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Air Interdiction Agent (pilot) - Three Part Flight Assessment

Prior to appointment to this position, selectees must pass three qualification assessments.  The assessments will be conducted after selectees successfully complete a polygraph examination.  All assessments are pass/fail and applicants must pass all three assessments in order to remain in consideration.

The assessments will be conducted at the National Air Training Center (NATC) in Oklahoma City, OK, and take approximately 1 full day beginning at 8:00 am.  An additional day may be necessary due to weather and/or maintenance issues.  Round trip travel and lodging will be reimbursed by Air and Marine Operations (AMO). Once selectees are scheduled for the assessment, detailed travel information will be provided.

Oral Evaluation: This evaluation will test your pilot knowledge based on published part 91 regulations. Questions are derived from the Federal Acquisition Regulation, parts 61 and 91. Airman’s information Manual and Flight Information Publications to include U.S. Terminal Procedures, IFR EnRoute/Sectional Aeronautical Charts.

Flight Check: You will be required to demonstrate your flight proficiency in an AMO aircraft with a flight instructor. You will be evaluated based on Federal Aviation Administration commercial pilot standards.

Structured Interview: You must be able to answer scenario based interview questions to demonstrate your possession of core competencies, which include Judgment/Decision Making, Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility, Integrity and Oral Communication.

All of your flight log book(s) will be required for verification at the time of your interview.

Flight Assessment Information

Last modified: 
May 22, 2019