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Aviso del impacto de la interrupción de fondos federales en las operaciones del sitio web del Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos (CBP, por sus siglas en inglés)

AVISO:  A causa de la interrupción de fondos federales, este sitio de web no será administrado activamente. La última actualización a este sitio web se realizó el 21 de diciembre de 2018 y no se harán más actualizaciones hasta que el gobierno reanude operaciones; por ende, puede que el sitio web no refleje la información más reciente. Es posible que no podamos procesar transacciones ni responder a
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Air Interdiction Agent - Three-Part Flight Assessment

3 Part Flight Assessment

Prior to appointment to this position, selectees must pass three qualification assessments.  The assessments will be conducted after selectees successfully complete a polygraph examination.  All assessments are pass/fail and applicants must pass all three assessments in order to remain in consideration.

The assessments will be conducted in Oklahoma City, OK, and will take approximately 1 full day beginning at 8:00 am.  An additional day may be necessary due to weather and/or maintenance issues.  Selectees will be responsible for all expenses associated with transport to and from the NATC facility and the hangar, as well as lodging in Oklahoma City and all other personal expenses incurred.

Oral Evaluation: This evaluation will test your pilot knowledge based on published regulations.

Flight Check: You will be required to demonstrate your flight proficiency in a CBP aircraft with a flight instructor. You will be evaluated based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Commercial Pilot standards.

Structured Interview: You must be able to answer scenario based interview questions to demonstrate your possession of core competencies, which include Judgment/Decision Making, Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility, Integrity and Oral Communication.

All of your flight log book(s) will be required for verification at the time of your interview.

Applicant Assessment Brochure

Applicant Assessment Brochure for Air Interdiction Agent

Last modified: 
January 9, 2018