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Now Hiring: Border Patrol Agents and Processing Coordinators

COVID-19 Notification: CBP is still hiring! We are working diligently to bring personnel on board as efficiently as possible. Thank you for your continued interest in a career serving CBP.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement
The COVID-19 vaccination requirement for federal employees pursuant to Executive Order 14043 does not currently apply. Click here for more information.



Border Patrol Agent


Video: Your Journey to Becoming a Border Patrol  Agent 
Description: The path to become a Border Patrol Agent includes several steps. Each step is necessary to make sure we are hiring people who are qualified and capable of doing this important work. This video includes what you need to know as you navigate the journey in becoming a Border Patrol Agent.

**Effective Immediately** Newly appointed eligible Border Patrol Agents (BPA) will be offered a $5,000 recruitment incentive upon successful completion of the academy; additionally, new Agents accepting one of the following locations Sierra Blanca, TX; Presidio, TX; Sanderson, TX; Comstock, TX; Lordsburg, NM; Freer, TX; Hebbronville, TX; Why, AZ will be eligible for an additional $5,000 recruitment incentive (for a total of $10,000).

Newly appointed eligible Border Patrol Agents (BPA) must meet the criteria defined in 5 CFR 575.102 for new federal employees and be required to attend the formal academy training. Agents may be offered the $5,000 remote location incentive regardless of academy requirement. All incentive recipients will be required to sign a one year service agreement.

What needs to be on my resume? Border Patrol Agent Resume Aid
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General Public
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General Public with one year or more of law enforcement experience
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Eligible Veterans
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Eligible veterans with at least one year of law enforcement experience

Border Patrol Processing Coordinator


All Border Patrol Processing Coordinator job announcements are currently closed. Please continue to check back as new job announcements are always opening or consider other opportunities within CBP.

Last Modified: June 21, 2022