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DHS Law Enforcement Recruitment and Hiring Event - Table

Law Enforcement Positions Grade Duty Location Email
Border Patrol Agent GL-9 Southwest Border
Customs and Border Protection Officer GS-9 Various
Air Interdiction Agent (pilot) GS-11/12/13 Various
Marine Interdiction Agent GS-9/11/12 Various
Office of Intelligence Grade Duty Location Email
Intelligence Research Specialist GS-9/11/12/13 DC,NY,CA,FL,WA
Supervisory Intelligence Research Specialist GS-14 NY, CA
Security Specialist GS-11/12/13 DC
Senior Writer Editor GS-12/13 DC
Management & Program Analyst (Training) GS-12 WV
Graphic Designer GS-12 DC
Management & Program Analyst GS-12/13 DC
Office of Field Operations Grade Duty Location Email
CBP Technician GS-5/7 Nationwide
Import Specialist GS-9/11 Nationwide
Office of Facilities and Asset Management Grade Duty Location Email
Mission Support Assistant GS-7 DC, TX, IN
General Engineer GS-13 DC, TX, IN, AK, CA
Maintenance Mechanic WS-10 TX, AZ, CA
Program Manager GS-13/14 TX, CA, DC
Management & Program Analyst GS-12/13/14 TX, DC, IN
Logistics Management Analyst GS-12 CA
Writer/Editor GS-12 DC
Realtor Specialist WG-13 TX, IN, CA
Facilities Operations Manager GS-13 VT
Maintenance Mechanic WS-10 TX, AZ, CA
Laboratories and Scientific Services Grade Duty Location Email
Laboratory Information Technician GS-7 TX, GA, CA, VA
Mission Support Specialist GS-7/9 CA
Office of Information Technology Grade Duty Location Email
Information Technology (IT) Specialist (Network) GS-11/12 Nationwide
Telecommunications Specialist GS-11/12/13 Nationwide
Office of Trade Grade Duty Location Email
Auditor GS-7/9, 12/13 MA,MI,TX,CA,NY,PA,DC
National Import Specialist (NIS) GS-13/14 TBD
National Import Specialist Assistants (NISA) GS-12 NY
Staff Assistant GS-7/9 IL
International Trade Specialist GS-11/12/13 DC
Ops Research Specialist GS-12/13 DC
Supervisory ITA GS-14 DC
Paralegal GS-12/13 DC
Management & Program Analyst GS-11/12/13 DC
Writer/Editor GS-13 DC
Office of Professional Responsibility Grade Duty Location Email
Investigative Program Specialist (Polygraph Examiner) GS-12/13 Nationwide
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June 18, 2018