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CTPAT Company Profile Information Overview

Business Type

In the business type section, you will be asked to identify the main function of your company. Each business type has a different set of eligibility requirements.

Application Exemption Token

Very few applicants will have an application exemption token. This is a number that CTPAT uses as an additional identifier for certain companies. If CTPAT has not already issued you this number, leave this space blank.

Company Information

In this section, you will enter the basic information about your company‐ company name(s), telephone numbers, web address, etc. You will also be asked to provide a brief history of your company.

Primary Address

This section asks you to enter the primary address, as well as any additional addresses for your company.

Additional Company Information

In this section you will need to use a drop down menu to select the option that best describes the ownership structure of your company. You will also need to know the date that the business started as well as the current number of employees.

Company Contacts

This is an important section of the application. Here, you will enter the names and contact information for the people at your company who will have access to the CTPAT online account and receive important messages and updates from the program. Important: The person you mark as the primary company point of contact must be a company officer, and you must add at least two contacts. You are responsible for keeping contact information up to date. There is no limit to the number of contacts that you can add. Be sure to click “Insert” at the bottom of the page to save the information for the company contact.

Business Information

To complete this section, you will need your company’s US‐issued importer of record (IOR) number and CBP Importer Bond Number. You also have the option of entering any additional IDs that you have and their countries of origin.

Mutual Recognition

The CTPAT program currently has mutual recognition arrangements with a number of countries. These mutual recognition arrangements serve to expedite cargo between the two countries by sharing information about the companies in their trusted traders programs. You must specify if you wish to participate in these mutual recognition arrangements and have your company’s information shared with these foreign customs administrations, and you may select which countries you wish to participate with. You may change your selections at any time.

CTPAT‐Partner Agreement to Voluntarily Participate

This page describes the agreement that your company is entering into with CTPAT by placing an application with the program. You must check the box at the bottom and agree in order to proceed with your application. Important: You must click “Finish” at the bottom of the page in order to activate your account and proceed to the next section of the application: the Security Profile.

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July 1, 2020