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No Te Engañes

Human trafficking is a complex, heinous and global crime. The difference between producing and consuming countries demands tailored messaging even though the trauma and humiliation the victims suffer is a common denominator.

No Te Engañes/Don’t Be Fooled is the voice of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the global fight against human trafficking. CBP exposes human trafficking as the modern day manifestation of slavery with sexual exploitation and forced labor being the traffickers' main goal. The campaign has two very distinctive objectives and audiences based on geography.

The main objective of No Te Engañes for the International audience is to raise awareness amongst potential migrants, informing them of the dangers of human trafficking and help them avoid becoming a victim.

The objective of Don’t Be Fooled for the U.S. audience is to create awareness of the existence of the phenomenon in our own neighborhoods and to invite the community in key markets to join the fight against human trafficking by promoting a phone number where they can call to report any suspicious activity.

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