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The Office of Air and Marine's specialized law enforcement capabilities allow CBP to make significant contributions to Department of Homeland Security efforts, as well as to federal, state, local and tribal agencies. OAM is uniquely positioned to provide direct air and maritime support to multiple agencies and to ensure the success of border protection and law enforcement operations between ports of entry, within the maritime operating areas and within the nation's interior.


The Office of Air and Marine performs border security missions independently and in support of its U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Department of Homeland Security partners. A layered, flexible and rapidly deployable air and marine capability allows for the most effective response to threats.

Mission Sets

OAM’s capabilities are reflected in five core mission sets:

  • air-to-land enforcement;
  • air-to-air enforcement;
  • water-to-water enforcement;
  • air and marine domain awareness; and
  • critical infrastructure and port security.


OAM uses its unique capabilities to support the efforts of its international partners, the larger Department of Homeland Security community and other federal agencies, joint interagency task forces and local law enforcement.

Milestones and Achievements

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February 1, 2014