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Customer Service Standards

Our Vision

To provide rapid, quality scientific and forensic services; and weapons of mass destruction interdiction support to our customers.

Our Mission

  • To provide scientific/forensic support, including on-site support, to CBP officers and other government agencies with regard to the investigation and interdiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • To produce timely and effective laboratory reports and crime scene documentation supporting Customs trade compliance and law enforcement missions.
  • To provide timely and effective scientific/forensic support to CBP officers and the trade community (i.e., training, targeting, health and safety).
  • To approve and/or accredit and monitor commercial gaugers and laboratories that perform measurements and analysis for CBP purposes.
  • To provide scientific/forensic support to other Federal agencies, standards writing organizations, foreign governments and international organizations to promote international trade compliance and more effective international efforts to counter the movement of weapons of mass destruction.

Informed Compliance

  • We will provide a response to your request for technical advice or assistance in a professional and courteous manner within one working day.
  • We provide, in conjunction with port personnel, consultation on technical issues involving CBP and the importing and exporting community.
  • We provide support by means of demonstrations or presentations to trade seminars and other business meetings.
  • We provide technical seminars of interest to the importing and exporting communities at field laboratories or other locations.

Commercial Gauger Approval and Laboratory

  • We conduct audits of outside facilities for accreditation to perform work under the Customs Modernization Act in the following areas: Botanical Identification; Building Stone, Ceramics, Glassware and Other Mineral Substances; Dairy and Chocolate Products; Essential Oils and Perfumes; Food and Food Products; Inorganic Materials including Inorganic Compounds and Ores; Leather; Metals and Alloys; Organic Materials including Intermediates and Pharmaceuticals; Paper and Paper Products; Petroleum and Petroleum Products; Rubber, Plastics, Polymers, Pigments, and Paints; Spirituous Beverages; Sugar, Sugar Syrups, and Confectionery; and Textiles and related Products including Footwear and Hats
  • We perform audits of commercial gaugers for approval to perform measurements for Customs purposes.
  • We perform the required periodic audits of accredited laboratories and approved gaugers upon arrangement with the laboratory or gauger.
Last Modified: February 28, 2017