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Immigration processing and quarantine at the port of New York 1855-1924


From 1855-1891 CASTLE GARDEN (formerly Fort Clinton), at the tip of Manhattan, serves as the immigration station for the port of New York. In 1860, a full-fledged immigrant hospital is opened on HOFFMAN ISLAND, and a quarantine station for infectious diseases is opened on SWINBURNE ISLAND. Both islands are man made and located near Ellis Island in New York Harbor, and were abandoned in 1900 when the new Ellis Island immigration station opened.

Tuesday, March 31, 1891 - 19:00
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Main Administration Building on Ellis Island
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Edwick Levin photo; NY Public Library Digital Collection
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Main administration Building on Ellis Island - Immigrants were transferred from their incoming ships docked at the tip of Manhattan to federal barges which carried them to this building, where their immigration and health processing would begin and end.