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At midnight on October 1, 1987, TECS II (TREASURY ENFORCEMENT COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM II) becomes operational at the New Orleans Airport port of entry. This system links telecommunications terminals and PCs located at user sites around the world to a central computer system and data base. This system continues to serve CBP.

Full implementation of CUSTOMS AUTOMATED COMMERCIAL SYSTEM (ACS), a comprehensive commercial system able to track and process electronically imports from manifest declaration through to liquidation, regardless of entry type, locations of activity or interface employed.

Dedication ceremony of the first helium-filled balloon, known as an AEROSTAT, at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. This is the first of six aerostats to be deployed along the Southern Border; all are part of U.S. Customs Project SOUTHWEST RADAR BALLOON PROJECT (SOWRBALL).

Wednesday, December 31, 1986 - 19:00