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1924: Border Patrol Established

Border Patrol agents check bus passengers.

On May 28, 1924, Congress established the Border Patrol as part of the Immigration Bureau in the Department of Labor through the Labor Appropriation Act of 1924.

While initially charged with securing the borders between inspection stations, its patrol areas were expanded in 1925 to include the seacoast along the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. In 1932, supervision of the Border Patrol was divided under two directors: one in charge of the Mexican border, the other in charge of the Canadian border.

The Border Patrol was first permitted to board and search a conveyance for illegal aliens in 1952. Agents also were allowed to patrol all territory within 25 miles of a land border.

At the dissolution of INS in 2003, the Border Patrol became part of CBP.

Last Modified: Aug 03, 2023