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Congressional Staffer Academies


The CBP Congressional Staffer Academies (CSA) are a semi-annual, Congressional outreach program designed to increase Congress' knowledge of the varied responsibilities of CBP by providing an informative, field experience for congressional staff.

Program Background:

CSAs provide insight into CBP operations and define CBP responsibilities with respect to border and national security.

Congressional Staffer Academies are conducted twice a year and alternate between the Southern and Northern borders. Past locations of CSAs include Tucson, AZ; San Diego, CA; El Paso, TX; Buffalo, NY; Rio Grande Valley, TX; and Detroit, MI.

Participants gain a better understanding of the agency's mission through hands-on, real-life field experience as CBP highlights use of tools, weapons and enforcement techniques CBP agents and officers use on a daily basis to execute the CBP mission. CSAs are tailored to the audience and specific operational aspects of the featured field locations and include instructors from Offices of Congressional Affairs, Field Operations, Border Patrol, and Air & Marine. This level of collaboration demonstrates the overlapping law enforcement roles of each office and showcases CBP's layered approach to national security.

If you are interested in learning more about CBP's Congressional Staffer Academies, please contact the Office of Congressional Affairs at (202) 344-1760 or

Last modified: 
June 4, 2019