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Travel and Tourism


CBP is committed to improving the traveler experience upon arrival into the United States – increasing tourism and fostering economic growth while ensuring the highest level of security.


On May 22, 2014, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum calling on the Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security to establish a national goal and airport-specific action plans at our largest airports to enhance the arrivals process for international travelers to the United States. 

National Goal

On February 13, 2015, the Departments of Homeland Security and Commerce released a report to President Obama titled “Supporting Travel and Tourism to Grow Our Economy and Create More Jobs: a National Goal on the International Arrivals Process and Airport-Specific Action Plans.” The report defines a national goal that was developed through extensive consultation with leaders from the airline industry, airport authorities, state and local governments as well as other industry leaders in the customer experience space:

“The United States will provide a best-in-class arrival experience, as compared to our global competitors, to an ever-increasing number of international visitors while maintaining the highest standards of national security.”

Delivering Solutions

Working in full partnership with private industry and local government stakeholders, CBP has demonstrated its commitment to facilitating economic growth while reducing wait times for international travelers. We are committed to establishing the metrics and processes necessary to support ongoing improvement. This initiative will support the combined efforts of the public and private sector to reach the President’s goal of welcoming 100 million international visitors by 2021, who will spend an estimated $250 billion in our economy.

Airport-specific Action Plans have been developed through close partnerships with airports, airlines and industry, and include significant steps to drive innovation to increase security while simplifying and streamlining the entry process at the top 17 airports: