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Immigration Advisory Program (IAP)

IAP is part of CBP's layered border strategy designed to prevent terrorists and other high-risk travelers from boarding commercial aircraft bound for the United States.

IAP Has Two Key Objectives:

IAP officers are posted in foreign airports use current targeting and passenger analysis information and/or an assessment of the passenger's documentation to focus on high-risk persons. IAP officers make "no board" recommendations to carriers and host governments regarding these passengers bound for the United States. There are two significant advantages to this approach. First, terrorists, criminals or inadmissible aliens are not allowed to board, thereby preventing their entry into the United States and second, the United States government avoids the costs associated with removal proceedings and the airline avoids penalties and the costs of transporting the individual back to the originating airport.

  • Enhance the safety of air travel by, among other things, preventing terrorists from boarding commercial aircraft destined for the United States; and
    • Reduce the number of improperly documented passengers traveling from or through a country to the United States.