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Effective January 1, 2006, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has implemented enhanced security procedures for small boat arrivals. This increased enforcement posture requires physical reporting to designated local CBP offices when returning from foreign ports or locations for a face-to-face inspection, unless enrolled in an Alternative Inspection Services Program that would allow arrival reporting by phone.

Designated Ports of Entry for Private Boat Operators

Anchorage, AK
Anchorage small boat harbor
(907) 271-6309 ext. 360 (0800-1600 - 7 days)
(907) 271-6313 Ext 0 (after business hours)

Dalton Cache, AK
Haines small boat harbor
(907) 767-5511 (0700-2300 - 7days)
(907) 271-6313 Ext 0 (after business hours for reporting instructions)

Haines, AK
(907) 767-5511 (0700-2300 - 7 days)
Port Chilkoot (907) 767-5511
Letnikof Cove Dock (907) 767-5511
CBP hours of operation: 24/7
Designated Marina: Haines small boat harbor
(907) 271-6313 Ext 0 (after business hours for reporting instructions )

Dutch Harbor, AK
Dutch Harbor small boat harbor
(907) 581-4114 (0800-1700 M-F)
(907) 581-1254 (After business hours)

Juneau, AK
Juneau small boat harbor
(907) 586-7108 (0830-1630 - M-F)
(907) 586-7108 (After business hours)

Ketchikan, AK
Ketchikan small boat harbor
(907) 225-2254 (0600-1800 M-F)
(907) 225-2254 (After business hours)

Nome, AK
Nome small boat harbor
(907) 443-2143 (1400-2200 Su-Th)
(907) 304-4044 (After business hours)

Sitka, AK
Sitka small boat harbor
(907) 747-3374 (0800-1600 M-F)
(907) 738-3331 (After business hours)

Skagway, AK
Skagway small boat harbor
(907) 983-2325 (0700-2300)
(907) 983-2325 (After business hours)

Wrangell, AK
Wrangell small boat harbor
(907) 874-3415 (0800-1600 M-F)
(907) 874-3415 (After business hours)

** If you intend on clearing Customs and Border Protection at any of these Ports after normal business hours or over a weekend, you are required to have an appointment. Contact the local CBP office and a CBP Duty Officer will provide further instructions regarding reporting and entry processing.

If you need to leave your vessel to report your arrival, only the master or designee may go ashore to do so. After making notification to CBP, this individual must return to the vessel and remain on board until CBP arrives.

Failure to report can result in civil penalties as defined in Title 19, United States Code, Section 1436 to include a penalty of $5,000 for the first violation and $10,000 for each subsequent violation with the conveyance subject to seizure and forfeiture. In addition to being liable for a civil penalty, any master who intentionally commits a violation under subsection (a) of this section upon conviction is liable for a fine of not more than $2,000 or imprisonment for 1 year or both.

All documented or registered vessels 30 feet in length or greater are required to make application for a private vessel decal if crossing the international border by water. The application fee is $27.50 and CBP accepts payment with a major credit card.

Decals may also be purchased prior to departure via the internet. (Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS))

Additional CBP information can be located at Travel section of