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Convict, Forced or Indentured Labor Product Importations

Section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. § 1307) prohibits the importation of merchandise mined, produced or manufactured, wholly or in part, in any foreign country by forced labor – including prison labor and forced child labor.  Such merchandise is subject to exclusion and/or seizure, and may lead to criminal investigation of the importer(s).

When information reasonably but not conclusively indicates that merchandise within the purview of this provision is being imported, the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may issue withhold release orders pursuant to 19 C.F.R. § 12.42(e).  If the Commissioner is provided with information sufficient to make a determination that the goods in question are subject to the provisions of 19 U.S.C. § 1307, the Commissioner will publish a formal finding to that effect in the Customs Bulletin and in the Federal Register pursuant to 19 C.F.R. § 12.42(f).

How You Can Help

CBP regulations state that any person who has reason to believe that merchandise produced by forced labor is being, or is likely to be, imported into the United States may communicate his belief to any Port Director or the Commissioner of CBP.  See 19 C.F.R. § 12.42.

This may be accomplished by submitting a detailed formal petition to CBP.  Any such petition must completely satisfy the requirements of 19 C.F.R. § 12.42(b).

Trade fraud violations may also be reported via the e-Allegations Online Trade Violation Reporting System at  Allegations may be reported anonymously.  The more detailed and timely the information you provide, the more likely the enforcement action can be successful. Or you may contact the Strategic Enforcement Branch directly:



1. 12-28-53 TD 53408 - Furniture

State Penitentiary, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, effective 1-5-54

2. 10-29-58 TD 54725 - Furniture, Clothes Hampers, and Palm Leaf Bags

State Penitentiary, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico; effective 11-6-58


  Detention Orders (DO)
1a. 10-03-91 Wrenches

(Shanghai Laodong Machinery Plant, a/k/a Shanghai Complete Set of Labour Tool Company, a/k/a Shanghai Laodong Machinery Factory)

Revoked by Memo from Commissioner dated 10/28/1996

1b. 10-03-91 Steel Pipe

(Shanghai Laodong Steel Pipe Works)

Revoked by Memo from Commissioner dated 10/28/1996

2. 10-25-91 Hand Tools

(Shanghai Laodong) - (expands #1a)

Revoked by Memo from Commissioner dated 10/28/1996

3. 10-29-91 Socks

(Beijing Qinghe Hosiery Factory, a/k/a Beijing Prison No. 1)

Revoked by TD 93-94 dated 12/13/1993

4. 11-06-91 Planing Machines

(Xiang-Yang Machinery Plant)

5. 11-14-91 Diesel Engines

(Yunnan Machinery, a/k/a Golden Horse (JinMa) Diesel Factory, a/k/a Yunnan 1st Prison)

6. 12-02-91 Machine Presses

(Xuzhou Forging & Pressing Machine Works)

7. 01-07-92 Diesel Engines and Textile Machinery

(Dezhou Shengjian Machine Works)

Revoked by Memo from Commissioner dated 10/13/2000

8. 02-25-92 Galvanized Pipe

(Shandong Laiyang Heavy Duty Machinery Factory)

9. 02-25-92 Tea

(Red Star Tea Farm)

Revoked by TD 94-76 dated 09/30/1994

10. 05-22-92 Grapes

(Qinghe Farm, a/k/a Qing He Farm, a/k/a Qinghe Labor Reform Farm, a/k/a Beijing Number 1 Labor Reform Detachment)

Revoked by Memo from Commissioner dated 01/07/1994

11. 05-22-92 Sheepskin and Leather

(Qinghai Hide & Garment Factory, a/k/a Qinghai Leather and Wool Bedding and Garment Factory, a/k/a Qinghai Fur and Cloth Factory)

12. 06-24-92 Hand Tools

(amends #1a and #2)

13. 06-26-92 Cast Iron Items

(Wang Tsang Coal and Iron Factory)

14. 06-26-92 Tea

(Miao Chi Tea Farm)

15. 07-15-92 Auto Parts and Machinery

(Ya An Auto Parts Factory, a/k/a Sichuan (Szechuan) Bin-Jiang Enterprises Company)

16. 07-15-92 Drilling Machines

(Zi Gong Machinery Factory, a/k/a Zigong Machinery Factory, a/k/a Sichuan (Szechuan) Zigong Labor Reform Detachment)

17. 07-17-92 Sulfuric (Sulphuric) Acid

(Da Wei Chemical Factory)

18. 08-03-92 Electric Fans and Zinc-Coated Wire

(Sichuan (Szechuan) Xinsheng (New Life) Labor Factory, a/k/a Xinsheng (New Life) Labor Factory)

19. 08-14-92 Asbestos

(Hsin Kang Asbestos Mine, a/k/a Sichuan (Szechuan) Pin Chiang Enterprise Company)

20. 07-08-93 Hoists

(Wulin [or Wuling] Machinery Works, a/k/a Hangzhou Wulin Machinery Plant, a/k/a Hangzhou Wulin Machinery Works, a/k/a Zhejiang Province No. 4 Prison)

21. 08-06-93 Hoists

(Wuyi Machinery Plant, a/k/a Zhejiang Light Duty Lifting Machinery Factory, a/k/a Zhejiang Province No. 1 Prison)

22. 09-01-93 Surgical Gloves, Condoms, Raincoats, Rubber Boots and Shoes

(Shenyang New Life Rubber Factory, a/k/a Shenyang Xinsheng Rubber Plant, a/k/a Shenyang No. 2 Laogai Detachment, a/k/a Shenyang Dabei Prison, a/k/a Shenyang Model Prison)

23. 09-03-93 Rubber Vulcanization Accelerators

(Shenyang Xinsheng (New Life) Chemical Works, a/k/a Shenyang Dongbei Assistant Agent Main Factory, a/k/a Shenyang No. 1 Laogai Detachment, Shenyang Reform Through Labor Second Reform Division) Wulin

24. 12-21-94 Artificial Flowers

(Guangzhou No. 1 Reeducation-Through-Labor Camp, a/k/a Guangdong Province Reeducation-Through-Labor Camp; Kwong Ngai Industrial Company)

25. 04-27-95 Tea

(Nanhu Tree Farm, Nanhu Tea Farm/Zhejiang Sanmei Tea Co., Ltd.; Imaizumi Tea Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd.)

26. 10-06-95 Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

(Tianjin Malleable Iron Factory, a/k/a Tianjin Tongbao Fittings Company, a/k/a Tianjin No. 2 Malleable Iron Plant, a/k/a Tianjin Secondary Magang Factory, a/k/a Tianjin No. 2 Prison

1. 03-18-92 T.D. 92-27 - Diesel Engines (as DO #5)

effective 03-23-92

2. 07-07-92 T.D. 92-66 - Socks (as DO # 3)

effective 07-13-92

Revoked by TD 93-94 of 12/13/1993

3. 07-07-92 T.D. 92-67 - Tea (as DO # 9)

effective 07-13-92

Revoked by TD 94-76 of 9/30/1994

4. 08-14-92 T.D. 92-78 - Machine Presses (as DO # 6)

effective 08-19-92

5. 06-11-93 T.D. 93-41 - Sheepskin and Leather (as DO # 11)

effective 06-16-93

6. 04-23-96 T.D. 96-34 - Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings (as DO #26)

effective 04-29-96


  Detention Order
1. 06-12-94 Video Games and Connector Plugs Thereof

(Fuchu Prison; Union Kogyo Co., Ltd.)


  Detention Order
1. 07/21/98 Carpets, Hand-Knotted Wool - Kumar Carpet Pvt., Singhe Carpet Pvt., Ltd., Norsang Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd., Annapurna Carpet, Everest Carpet, Valley Carpet, and K.K. Carpet Industries; Kathmandu. Norsang Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd., Everest Carpet, and K.K. Carpet were revoked by memo from the Commissioner on 10/06/1998


  Detention Order
1. 11.23/99 Beedie Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

(Mangalore Ganesh Beedie Works)


  Detention Order
1. 11/28/00 Mens' and Girls' Wearing Apparel

(Dong Fang Guo Ji)

Revoked by Memorandum from Acting Commissioner dated 07/23/2001.