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IPR Points of Contact

Contact the IPR Help Desk to Report Violations and Obtain Assistance
CBP's IPR Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday to answer questions on IPR enforcement. The IPR Help Desk provides the public and CBP officers with information on IPR border enforcement procedures and receives allegations of IPR infringement. In addition, the IPR Help Desk is ready to assist owners of recorded IPRs to develop product identification training materials to assist officers at ports of entry in identifying IPR infringing goods. If you have questions about procedures for IPR enforcement at U.S. borders or wish to provide information on IPR infringing goods that may be entering the United States, contact the IPR Help Desk at (562) 980-3119 ext. 252, or via email at

Consult a CBP IPR Attorney
For those who have legal questions about CBP's IPR enforcement and would like to interface with a CBP IPR attorney, the IPR and Restricted Merchandise Branch is available to help. The IPR and Restricted Merchandise Branch oversees the IPR recordation program and provides IPR infringement determinations and rulings. To request information on CBP's recordation program or to obtain an infringement determination, contact the IPR & Restricted Merchandise Branch at (202) 325-0020, or via email at

Obtain Guidance on CBP IPR Policy and Programs
The IPR Division manages the development and implementation of the CBP Trade Strategy IPR Action Plan. The IPR Division coordinates with rights holders, members of the trade community, CBP staff, other Federal agencies, and foreign governments in developing the Agency's IPR strategy, policy and programs. The IPR Division is also CBP's point of contact for requests for speakers and training for foreign governments on IPR border enforcement. To contact the IPR Division, email


Contact Phone Number
Christopher Robertson
Acting Director, IPR Division
(202) 863-6091

Paul Pizzeck
Chief, IPR Policy Branch

(202) 863-6259

Shaun Keller
Chief, IPR Operations Branch

(202) 863-6596
Robin Rangel
Supervisory International Trade Specialist, IPR National Targeting and Analysis Group
(562) 980-3119 ext. 254
Christopher Robertson
Deputy Director, National IPR Coordination Center
(703) 603-3950