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ACE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the ACE FAQ page. To navigate this page, click on one of the topics below to view FAQs about that topic.

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EDI Filing Reports Entry Summary Portal

If you don't see your question, feel free to contact one of the support resources below.

  • For questions related to EDI filing, call your client representative: 571-468-5500
  • For portal account related issues, call or email the ACE Help Desk: 1-866-530-4172 or
  • For any other questions, email


Who is eligible to file in ACE? Brokers? Self-filers? Importers?

Brokers, software providers and self-filing importers can all file data to ACE via EDI. All electronic filings must be submitted via EDI (with the exception of electronic truck manifests which can be submitted via the ACE Secure Data Portal). View the list of CBP-approved software providers.

Will ACE be taking the place of ABI?

No – ABI/EDI will continue to exist as the method through which entries and entry summaries are transmitted to ACE. ACE will replace ACS and there are programming changes required in order to successfully transmit data to CBP via ABI. The only transaction that can currently be completed via the ACE Secure Data Portal is the filing of an electronic import truck manifest. CBP currently has no plan to make filing of entries or entry summaries available electronically via the portal – ABI will remain the method of electronic submission. The ACE Secure Data Portal is a tool for obtaining access to CBP data, but not for filing entries or entry summaries.

What date will entry summary recordkeeping retrieval into ACE by available to importers?

CBP is not currently anticipating any changes to the 19 CRF record keeping requirements. Importers will still be responsible for record keeping as per the current regulations.

What are the recommended system requirements for ACE?

To access the ACE Secure Data Portal, a broadband Internet connection is recommended. The ACE Secure Data Portal has been tested on the Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1 operating systems, using Internet Explorer 8, and with either Java 6 or Java 7. While other configurations may still work, they have not been validated by CBP.
In addition, it is recommended that ACE Secure Data Portal users have:

  • A PDF file viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word or similar office document products to work with files interchanged via the portal.


When can/must we file exports in ACE? When will AES go away?

All existing AES functionality was incorporated into ACE on March 22, 2014. ACE has technically already replaced AES; export transactions are already being processed in ACE. For trade filers the transition was largely transparent as no significant programming changes were required. CBP migrated AES functionality as it existed to the ACE platform. This change was transparent for filers but beneficial to CBP as the ACE platform is more modern and easier to maintain. In January 2015, CBP plans to have electronic export manifest functionality available for ocean, rail and air shipments. Implementation guides for electronic export manifest functionality are also available now at the Technical Documentation page.

Will ACE replace AESDirect?

AESDirect will continue to exist as a mechanism for portal submission of export data to CBP. CBP and Census have no plans to decommission AESDirect.

For exports and PGA integration, is there any intent to replace paper export license processes (such as DSP-73) with electronic decrementation?

CBP and PGA partners are exploring this as part of efforts to streamline/modernize exports processing.

As of May 1, 2015, will I be required to file all of my export manifests through ACE?

If you are filing export manifests electronically, yes.

If you are not filing electronically, no. May 1, 2015 is the deadline at which all export manifests filed electronically must be filed in ACE. There is currently no regulatory requirement to file export manifests electronically; paper is still allowed and will continue to be allowed after May 1, 2015 until regulations are changed.

There are several benefits to filing export manifests electronically, including:

  • ACE will provide advance validation of the Internal Transaction Number (ITN)
  • ACE will provide advance notice of holds prior to loading
  • ACE will automate the closing out of the in-bond transaction with one departure message/automated gen dec

Cargo Release

When can I file my entry / Cargo Release in ACE?

Currently, ACE Cargo release is in pilot phase and CBP has deployed capabilities into production for all modes of transportation. If you're interested in participating please contact your client rep. ACE will continue expanding the pilot to more participants.

With ACE cargo release there is no longer a paper 3461. How do I show proof of my release?

CBP recognizes that a paperless environment will pose challenges to non-automated entities such as consolidated freight stations and terminals that do not receive electronic releases from CBP. Consequently, CBP will allow non-automated facilities, on an interim basis, to release cargo based on screen printouts presented to them by filers (importers, brokers, etc.). The printout should have at a minimum the shipment ID and quantity being released, the type of release as well as clear identification of who presented the release information. For audit purposes, this will satisfy due diligence on behalf of the non-automated facility.

For more information, please review the full policy on Form 3461.

What is the date that CBP will have the cargo release/entry capabilities that will be mandatory on November 1, 2015 ready for use by the trade?

CBP has deployed to production cargo release capabilities for all modes of transportation, and is currently working to roll these capabilities out to trade filers. CBP will have all entry types (with the exception of Drawback) delivered in Deployment D, January 3, 2015 or Deployment E, July 4, 2015. Draft implementation guides will be published in advance to allow time for the trade to program. CBP recommends trade filers get on board now to enable you to take advantage of the many new capabilities available and help ensure a smooth transition in advance of the mandatory dates.

PGA Integration

Will all PGAs be in ACE by the time cargo release is mandatory?

CBP is prioritizing onboarding of those PGAs with release decision authority to ensure they are integrated with Cargo Release by the time it becomes mandatory. When cargo release becomes mandatory, those PGAs who play a role in determining the release of cargo will be integrated in ACE. PGAs who do not play a role in determining cargo admissibility will be onboarded by the end of 2016.

When will FDA be using ACE? DOT? FCC?

FDA is anticipated to complete integration by July 4, 2015. FCC is anticipated to complete integration by October 18, 2014. DOT agencies (NHTSA, MARAD, FAA, FHWA, PHMSA, BTS) will be integrated as part of Deployments D and E, from October 18, 2014 - July 4, 2015.

Can I currently file any PGA data via ACE?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Communication Commission data may be filed in an ACE Entry Summary certified for ACS Cargo Release (FDA and DOT may not being filed for border cargo release). However, ACE Cargo Release Pilot participants may test the PGA message set with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

EDI Filing

Does CBP provide a list of CBP approved EDI Software vendors?

Yes. Two documents listing CBP certified EDI software vendors are available at:

Does CBP have technical information for interfacing with ACE available on

Yes. CBP has published the following technical requirements and implementation guides to

Who do I contact if I have EDI ACE questions?

For EDI ACE questions, please contact your assigned CBP Client Representative. If you don't have a Client Representative assigned, you may contact the Client Representative Outreach line at 1-571-468-5500.


Why don’t I see my recent transactions in ACE Reports?

The “include entries without an entry date” object must be set to “Yes” to capture recent entry summary transactions that do not have an established entry date.

Why does the ACE Reports interface not open when I click on the “launch tool” button?

Please ensure that your internet browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.

Why am I not able to see the “reading” and “design” mode buttons on my standard ACE Report?

Please ensure that the ACE Reports screen is maximized to see all button and commands.

Why am I not able to select a date from the calendar inside “prompts” box?

Please ensure that “Rich Internet Application” is selected in the “Web Intelligence - View and Modify” panel inside the “Preferences” menu.

Entry Summary

How can you file Post Entry Amendments (PEAs) in ACE?

PEAs cannot be filed in ACE. The electronic Post Summary Corrections (PSC) process replaces the paper PEA process in ACE.

Can entry summaries be filed via the ACE Portal?

Entry summaries may only be filed via EDI, not via the Portal.

When will Reconciliation be available in ACE?

The Reconciliation entry type (09) will be available in ACE on July 4, 2015 with Deployment E.
Entry summaries (types 01, 11, 03) currently filed in ACE may be flagged for Reconciliation.


How do I reset my portal password?

You can retrieve a forgotten password through the ACE Secure Data Portal with an ACE user ID. Here are the steps:

  1. From the login information screen, enter your ACE user ID.
  2. Click the "Forgot Your Password" link.
  3. Type a response to each question on the "Reset Password – Challenge Questions" screen (note: answers are case-sensitive.)
  4. The very first time you logged into ACE you answered 5 challenge questions. You will be asked 3.
  5. Click the "Submit" button when done.
  6. If you answered your questions correctly, you will click the "OK" button when the "Password Change Successful” message appears.
  7. A new password will be e-mailed to the account specified in your ACE user profile.
  8. Once you have received this e-mail, open it and click on the hyperlink found in the email.
  9. Type in your "Shared Secret" (also case sensitive) in the blank field.
  10. Click the "Submit" button, and a new temporary password will appear with your account ID. Return to the ACE login screen, and enter your user ID and temporary password you just received.

For additional information and assistance, send an e-mail to If you are a trade caller or if you are calling outside the United States, you can also contact ACE Support at (866) 530-4172 option 1, then option 2.

Where can I get help/training?

To learn how to use the ACE Portal, you can visit the ACE Training and Reference Guides page or view a web based training course.

For more specific help or assistance on the ACE Secure Data Portal, call ACE Support at 1-866-530-4172 option 1, then option 2 or email

How do I fill out the portal application?

The ACE Secure Data Portal Application form is available on and can downloaded and saved to your computer, completed online and can be mailed or submitted electronically back to CBP for account creation. The ACE Application form requires the following sections to be completed:

  • A: Account Information, including business activity with CBP (complete only applicable view)
  • B: Account Owner Designation (primary account user)
  • C: Point of Contact Information
  • D: Authorization and acknowledgment signature (electronic signature are accepted if submitting application via email)
How can I check the status of my ACE Portal application?

To check on the status of an application already submitted, send an e-mail to, please include the company name and approximate Date/Time submitted, or contact ACE Support at (866) 530-4172 option 1, then option 2.

I have an ACE account. How do my employees access the portal?

Once you have established an ACE Secure Data Portal Account and assigned a Trade Account Owner (TAO), your TAO will provide access to employees as needed. The Manage User Access guide on provides step-by-step instructions on adding new portal users to an ACE Secure Data Portal Account.

What happens if my account access is disabled/dormant?

Users need to log into the ACE Secure Data Portal at least once every 45 days to keep their account active. If the account is inactive or disabled, the user identified by the User ID will need to contact ACE Support at 1-866-530-4172, option 1, then option 2 or via email at to reactivate account.

What happens if the Trade Account Owner leaves the company?

If the Trade Account Owner of an ACE Secure Data Portal Account leaves the company, a new ACE Application with the new TAO information is required to be submitted for the account change.

What can I currently do through the portal?

The ACE Portal currently allows you to:

  • Send ISF data (only low volume,
  • File an Import Truck Manifest
  • Run Reports
  • Respond to CBP forms 28, 29, 4647
  • Create Blanket Declarations
  • Submit Supporting Documentation
  • Manage Account and Periodic Monthly Statement Information
Can a broker respond to 28, 29, 4647 forms via the portal?

CBP Forms 28, 29 and 4647 are currently only available to an importer via the importer’s ACE Portal account.

How do I manage multiple IOR numbers under one account?

Importers may open an ACE Secure Data Portal account with a single or multiple Importer of Record (IOR) numbers. The ACE Application form includes three IOR number fields. If additional IOR numbers need to be included in the application form, the importer may provide a separate list with IOR numbers and submit it along with the ACE application form. Importers who have an existing ACE Secure Data Portal account can contact ACE Support for assistance adding additional IOR numbers to their account.

Will ABI transmit directly to the ACE portal?

The trade community will continue to use the Automated Broker Interface to transmit data into ACE. The ACE Secure Data Portal provides a view to the trade’s account information in ACE and access to the reports tool to monitor electronic transactions filed with ACE.