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ACE Electronic Truck Manifest Technical Information

These links provide information and training materials for truck carriers and the trade community on electronic truck manifests. Includes ANSI X.12, UNEDIFACT, ACE Secure Data Portal information, as well as information on reports generation.

  • Application Procedures for Transmitting Data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Instructions on how to be approved for EDI and how to file an electronic truck manifest via EDI.
  • ACE Electronic Truck Manifest Software Developers - A complete list of companies who have developed software applications for ACE electronic truck manifest. Inclusions on this list do not constitute any form of endorsement by CBP.
  • ACE Electronic Truck Manifest EDI Message Drafts - EDI messages are initial advisories to the trade community regarding new ACE capabilities to aide in advanced planning and budgetary considerations.
  • Value Added Networks - Value Added Networks (VANs) offer clients of their networks various communications protocol options such as secure FTP, HTTPS, VPN, and MQ over IP to name a few. Many VANs also offer in-network message translation services to convert data streams to conform with interface requirements of the many CBP Trade systems. VANs connecting to the CBP Trade systems enterprise infrastructure employ Cisco Internet or MPLS VPN with MQ Series Server to Server connectivity.

ACE logoLearn latest details on ACE implementation:

The Importance of the Single Window details the benefits of single window processing of trade.

ACEopedia details the benefits and status of all deployed ACE features as well as information on current and future development.

ACE Deployment Schedule provides a timeline of what capabilities will be built and when they will be implemented.

ACE Outreach Events Calendar shows upcoming events scheduled for the trade community.

Find additional information on ACE features.