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What happens when a member of the public alleges that his or her civil rights or civil liberties have been violated or that he/she has been subjected to racial profiling?

Pursuant to DHS policy, civil rights and civil liberties complaints from the general public may be investigated by the Office of Inspector General, DHS Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, or the DHS component where the complaint arose. These complaints may include allegations of racial, ethnic, or religious profiling; disability discrimination; discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Employees who are found to have engaged in racial profiling or who are found to have violated the civil rights or civil liberties of someone they come into contact with as part of the job are subject to disciplinary action.

If you observe such a violation, you should report the alleged misconduct to the Joint Intake Center at 1-877-2INTAKE or; the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Professional Responsibility; the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at 1-800-323-8603 or through the DHS OIG Online Allegation Form.

If a member of the public reports a violation to you, you should refer them to these numbers and recommend that the person make a report.