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How do I request a religious accommodation?

CBP Employee: Employees seeking a religious accommodation must submit their request through their immediate supervisor. To ensure that CBP maintains accurate records regarding requests for religious accommodation, the receiving supervisor will ask the employee to complete the "CBP Religious Accommodation Request Form." The request will be assigned to an PDO staff member to facilitate the interactive process between the employee and the management official to determine the appropriate accommodation under the circumstances.


CBP Applicant: An applicant requesting religious accommodation for any stage of the application process must submit a request for religious accommodation to the Indianapolis or Minneapolis Hiring Center, as applicable. Requests for reasonable accommodation to participate in pre-employment polygraph examinations must be submitted to the Office of Internal Affairs, Credibility and Assessment Division, prior to the date of the exam.

CBP’s religious accommodation policy may be accessed at CBP Directive No. 51713-012, Reasonable Accommodation for Religious Beliefs and Practices.