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Second Pre-Employment Fitness Test (PFT-2) FAQs

What is the PFT-2?

The PFT-2 is a physical fitness test battery that all Border Patrol Agent candidates are required to take and pass prior to entering on duty and attending the Border Patrol Academy.

What fitness tests are included in the PFT-2 battery?

Four tests will be administered in the following order:

  • 220 Yard Run - must complete in 46 seconds or less
  • Sit Ups - must complete 25 proper form in one minute
  • Push Ups -must complete 20 proper form in one minute
  • 1.5 mile run - must complete in 15 minutes or less

Will a medical screening be conducted prior to the PFT-2?

Prior to the administration of the PFT-2, your blood pressure and heart rate will be taken. If your blood pressure reading is higher than 140/90 or your heart rate is greater than 100 beats per minute, you will NOT be allowed to take the PFT-2 and you will be referred to MHC for further evaluation and medical clearance, if required.

When will I be scheduled for the PFT-2?

After you have received your entry-on-duty date and duty station, the Minneapolis Hiring Center (MHC) will schedule you for the PFT-2.

When will the PFT-2 be conducted?

The PFT-2 will be conducted no more than 30 days prior to your entry-on-duty date.

Where will I take the PFT-2?

You will be scheduled to take the PFT-2 at the location you selected. Please note that travel to the PFT-2 testing location is at your own expense. PFT-2 testing locations are subject to change due to certain weather conditions.

What should I wear on the day of testing?

When you arrive, you should be dressed in clothing suitable for fitness testing (i.e., gym shorts/sweatpants and T-shirt; athletic shoes; sweat socks; and any athletic support garments worn while working out, such as knee braces, etc.). You should also be dressed appropriately for the current weather conditions (i.e., layers in cold conditions or loose fitting and breathable materials in warmer conditions).

How can I prepare for the PFT-2?

To prepare for the test battery, practice the actual tests on a gradual and progressive basis until you are able to complete them as required. You will also find other fitness related information at the Border Patrol Agent website.

What do I need to do on the day of my scheduled PFT-2?

  • Avoid smoking and drinking beverages containing caffeine on the day of your scheduled PFT-2. Caffeinated beverages can raise your blood pressure and heart rate, which may affect your ability to pass the medical screening.
  • Bring a towel and bottled water, as these items will not be furnished at the testing site.
  • You must also bring a government-issued photo identification, e.g., driver's license or passport, and any relevant medical documentation, if required.

How will I know if I passed the PFT-2?

The proctor will inform you at the conclusion of each fitness test whether you passed or failed. You must successfully complete all four tests to pass the PFT-2.

What will happen if I am unable to pass a test?

If you are unable to pass all four tests in the PFT-2 battery, your conditional offer of employment will be withdrawn. However, if you are still interested in the Border Patrol Agent position and meet the age requirement you may reapply under a future vacancy announcement. (Note: there is no age restriction if you are eligible for Veteran's Preference.)